Using MAPI to force a send

I'm sending some email directly using the MAPISendMail interface, but (under outlook at least) this just drops the mail into the outbox.  Unfortunately, our program's data is time critical, and the email needs to be forced out immediately after being sent.

Is there a MAPI call that will force the mail program to send/recieve?  If not, is there at least one specific to outlook/outlook express?

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AFAIK MAPI relies on a MAPI client like Outlook and therefore on its settings. If you want to *directly* send an EMail, why not using SMTP, e.g.

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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
If I have to, it's a possibility to switch.  Unfortunately we are sending multiple file attachments (the critical data) and I'm not sure how to manually encode those.

I'd also need a generalized way of finding the SMTP server the computer uses, since I don't think we can get away with asking the person installing the program to provide that information.

A definate possibility in the future, though.
Hmm, all I found was that this behaviour is controlled by the profile specified when calling 'MAPILogon()' and the flags - some people claim that using MAPI_FORCE_DOWNLOAD *should* alter that behaviour.
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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Nope.  It forces a download, but not an upload (at least in Outlook) unless I'm doing this wrong.  I'm logging into the current session with

    if (lpfnLogon != NULL)
        LHANDLE hSession;
        nError = lpfnLogon((ULONG)m_hParent, NULL, NULL, MAPI_FORCE_DOWNLOAD, 0, &hSession);

and yes, I've confirmed lpfnLogon is assigned correctly and returns 0.

And, unfortunately, like Daffy Duck, I can only perform this trick once:
KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Well, given how far these questions move down in a day, it's unlikely anyone is going to have a better suggestion, and SMTP will do pretty much what we need.  I found some examples of how to attach files, so I think I can wing it.

Thanks for the help.
Thank you!
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