Event Type:      Success Audit
Event Source:      Security
Event Category:      Account Management
Event ID:      627
Date:            9/24/2003
Time:            6:53:20 AM
Computer:      SERVER1
Change Password Attempt:
       Target Account Name:      joeuser
       Target Domain:      CENTRAL
       Target Account ID:      CENTRAL\joeuser
       Caller User Name:      ANONYMOUS LOGON
       Caller Domain:      NT AUTHORITY
       Caller Logon ID:      (0x0,0xC6DB6)
       Privileges:      -
This is an Exchange Server with Web service for OWA.
FTP is disabled. Up to Date Critical patches.

I want no Anonymous access at all!
How can I disable and verify NO Anonymous access?
How can I find out ORIGIN information: PC +/or IP +/or User.

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If no anonymous access to IIS services is required, disable the IUSR_computername account.

To track PC/IP info you need to setup auditing.
Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Local Security Policy>Local Policies>Audit Policy

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Suburb-ManAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the prompt response.

Disabled IUSR_x, now to wait for complaints from users or logs.

How do I know that IUSR was the avenue Anonymous used?

What kind of Audit Policy do you suggest for JoeUser *?
* Name changed to protect the suspected innocent.
Here is a little article that discusses the IUSR account that could help
Understanding anonymous authentication and the IUSR account.

The most important items to audit would be
Audit logon events - success and failure
Audit account logon events - success and failure
Audit account management - success and failure

The results of the audit can be viewed in the Security log of the event viewer.
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