Extremely slow win2000 server domain logon

I have a network of 3 workstations and a win2000 server.  The logon is extremely slow.  Like 5 minutes minimum.  All the workstations are within 50 ft of the server with cat 5.  Once they are logged on the file transfer speed is normal, internet is normal, printing is normal.  Why is logon taking so long.  This is a domain. All WS are XP Pro.  This problem urgently needs to be fixed as it makes me look pretty stupid. ;)
Any Ideas??
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livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
Also When first joining a computer on the domain it takes forever to create the domain tree when first pressing the dropdown box on the WS.  Like over 10 minutes.
I'm absolutely clueless here.
Bartender_1Microsoft Network AdministratorCommented:
Do you have roaming profiles?

If so, make certain that the profiles are a minimum size.
(redirect the "My documents" folders etc)

Hope this helps!


livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
I did not specifically setup roaming profiles, but where would I look at that?
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Hi Livegirllove,

Try to elimante common problem that XP pro firewall is on first!  To turn if off go to lanCard right click the property and make sure the firewall option is disabled, and don't that the lancard turn itself off with power management.

Do you have DNS running on your server?  If so, it sounds like you have your DNS for your clients pointed at an external DNS.  You should have your clients set up to point to your server, then have your server point to your ISP.

To test, set up one client to use your servers IP as DNS server.  Log on using that client, and see if it is faster.

livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
Ok good suggestions I'll try those out tommorrow.  I have had problems with XP Firewall but only on streaming video, I'll try that though.  Don't remember how I had DNS setup
I forgot something.  If this does make your logons much faster, you may have to enable your forwarders for your servers DNS settings.  
To do so:
open dns manager
( start ...programs ... administrative tools ... dns )

in the left pane, right click the server name, choose properties

go to the forwarders tab

enable forwarders and enter the ip of the isp's dns server.

Put your isp's dns in there.

Hope this helps.

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livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
r_gass - just a thought
why would the DNS info affect logon speed?  If it is using the ISPs DNS, is it going out to the ISPs DNS server then back to do the name finding?  If so how would the ISP be able to know what test.local's local IP Address is?
It shouldn't effect the login for local.  You might want to check your DNS setting see if your revers look up inconfigurate, but it is always good to foward DNS to your ISP's DNS.  To do so following r_gass's step but first remove the "." folder under your servername in DNS console.   Close DNS console and come back the fowarder will enable.

When you go to logon, the client is going to the dns server for local name resolution.  If your client is set to use your isp's dns, it is going there, then timing out.  That is why it is taking long.  

I have come across this on quite a few w2k clients, and XP Pro clients.  It has worked for me every time.

It is an easy test.  Just change the dns server on one client, and see if it logs on much faster. You will be able to tell instantly if it is a DNS problem.
I've experienced a similar situation when trying to logon to the domain.  The DNS "." record had to be removed to enable forwarders.  Then I had to change the first DNS entry on the client to the domain server running DNS.  Add the ISP's DNS entries on the client too, in case the server goes off-line.

What I haven't figured out, is how the logon works after 5 min.  If WINS or NetBui aren't running then how is the name problem ultimately resolved?  If DNS does it, how can we speed up the resolution?
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
My server says forwarders are not available because this is a root server?
Any suggestions?
It says it is listening to all IP Addresses, though.
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
Also could I set the routers DNS to my ISP snd point the clients to the router?  Or point the server to the router and point the clients to the server?
do exactly what tbird008 says in his comments.  That will stop your server from being a root server.  I was a little leary of this, but it worked fine.
i usually set it up so that my router and server will look at the isp for DNS.  The clients should point to the server for dns, which will take care of any local requests.  Any external requests will get forwarded to your isp's dns.

I assume this helped speed up your logon time, right?
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
im working on it.  I just set the server to the isps DNS server and the client to server so ill let you know in a minute.
thanks a lot for your help
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
Oh Yeah that did it!!!
Let me make sure everything is running smooth and I'll award the points.
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
thanks all!!!
I am once again a hero with this client!!
Dear livegirllove,

For the points and good observation r_gass!!! See you again!

Glad it's working for ya!
Sorry meant Thanks for the Points : )

I am new at experts exchange.  Did you award points for the accepted answers?  If so, where do you go to check how many points you have.  Thanks, and I hope everything is working well.

Hi r_grass,

This how it work.  This is a 500 pt question Livegirllove has awarded you 425pts and 75pts for me.  How do I calculate that..
A equals multiple of 4
B equals mulitple of 3
425*4 = 1700
75*4 = 300

If you were award whole 500pts your expert grade will be 2000 pts

I hope this helps!  Keep up the good work : )
I had the same exact problem a couple of years ago w/ all win2k clients, w/ win2k server, and after I pointed the DNS on the clients to the server's ip address, logon times were perfect.
I have just worked through the same test as outlined above.  In other words setup the DNS on the WIN2k Server with forwarders to my ISP's DNS server addresses and point the workstations at the WIN2K Server.  Everything works absolutely fine as before BUT the logon still takes over 5 minutes.  It's rediculous.  It only happens with WinXP Pro though.  I even built a new server from scratch, patched it right up to date, setup new users in AD, logged on one client, which is also patched and the problem still persisted.

Please, sombody out there help!!  Microsoft are of no use and I am at my wits end.
livegirlloveAuthor Commented:
post a new question this has been answered and is therefore no tlikely to be looked at by experts
Just for more comment.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional.  I am not logging into a domain.  I was having the same problems where it would take 30 secs to one minute to log on.  After reading this post I set my DNS settings to my ISP's DNS servers.  I logged off and logged back on which took the same amount of time.  Next I set the DNS to the IP address of my router and it took approximately 3 seconds to log in.  I have been battling this problem for 6 months now.  If only you can imagine my relief!
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