saving single frame of a video file

How do I save a single frame of a video file (.mov) that I downloaded from my Olympus digital camera?  Also, how can I convert the .mov file (quicktime) to a 'generic' file that I can save and send to a friend and they be able to open it?
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Open the video and take a screenshot of it. If youre using OS X command-shift-4 will let you select the area to capture. If youre using windows, do a screen capture and crop it using any graphics utility.

There is no such thing as a "generic" file. If they cant open a MOV they probably arent using bronze tools yet either. Doesn't get any easier to open.

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Well, you could try and pause the mov on the frame you want and press "print scrn" on your keyboard, then paste that into paint.

Start > programs > accessories > paint

Edit > paste

Save as jpg or bmp. Jpg will be smaller in file size.

Or if you want a picture without all the clutter of the desk top, you could download this program and do a screen capture.

Or this method makes it possible to capture any frame in a mov.

First, you'll need a freeware program called TMPGEnc:

Then you will need this plug in for TMPGEnc, called QTReader.vfp :
place the plug-in in the same folder as TMPGEnc. (just the .vfp, not the folder it came in)

Then start TMPGEnc and close the wizard that pops up at the beginning.

Towards the bottom, look for video source. Browse to your mov file and open it. If things worked properly, Then the first frame of your movie should appear, don't be concerned if it's just black space, because some movies start with a black frame. If you get an error or no movie appears, than you will have to download Quicktime 4.

You can get quicktime 4 here: 
It's also benefcial to have QT 4 because otherwises your conversion will have no sound, but that is not important for this task.

After uninstalling "all" (meaning, it may ask you to leave some shared files, don't leave the shared files, you won't be able to install QT4) of your current version of quicktime and the installing quicktime 4. Try opening the mov again as explained above. Make sure to hit cancel when the pop up requests that you update quicktime. That pop up will appear a few times in the remainder of the process, just always hit cancel.

The quick way is to convert to avi video format, however, this will make a very large file. about 1GB for every 2 1/2 mintues of a mov that is 192 x 144 (video size). If you don't have the hard drive space, then skip this method and try the next.

Quicker to do but larger file size:

With the mov loaded goto toolbar > file > output to file > avi  

Longer to do but smaller file size:

With the mov loaded, check at the very bottom that it says MPEG-1. If so, the press start. If it says MPEG-2, goto settings at the bottom and change to MPEG-1, press ok. Then press start.

Now, with the avi or mpg. You can load it into the following program: 

With the avi or mpg loaded, scan through it by pressing the right and left arrow keys, find the frame you would like to copy. Goto to toolbar > video > copy source frame to clip board

You can then paste it in a graphics program, if you have none, then paste it into paint.

start > programs > accessories > paint

Edit > paste

Save as a bmp or jpg. Jpg will be smaller in file size.

Also, if the object (person or whatever) in the movie is moving quickly, then most likely the frame will be blured. This is normal. You can not change it. It is all part of the illusion of moving pictures. Run a bunch of blured pictures in sequence then the image looks in focus.  

Also, if you plan on using the TMPGEnc program again. Best to download the following file. Unzip it, place all the contents in the same folder as TMPGEnc, then double click the exe. Don't worry about the settings, just click okay. This will allow you to import MPEG-2 files into TMPGEnc.

If I've missed something, just let me know.

Sorry weed about duping your screen shot suggestion, I was spell checking. Should have done a refrsh before posting.

Also, forgot to mention. In my second suggestion, I mentioned When you do the screen capture, choose the "window" option, then choose the quicktime player the mov is playing in.  
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Okay, I miss read you're second request in your question. Forget about converting to avi, just convert the mov to mpeg-1. That will open in any windows media player (doesn't matter about the version of player).

I'm really starting to kick myself for not paying attention to your question, I saw convert .mov and capture frame... and just went off.

Doesn't the software that came with your camera allow you to convert to MPG-2? Or maybe Avi, so you can burn a vcd or dvd. If so, then you can skip the whole TMPGEnc proccess. Do you have video burning software for vcd? It will probably turn the MPEG-2 or Avi into MPG-1 before it burns the CD (I don't know that for certain.)  

And lastly, is this all being done on a Mac and all of the info above is completely useless.
Correction to the above. If the camera software only converts to MPEG-2, then you will still need TMPGEnc to convert to MPEG-1. Virtualdub won't accept MPEG-2 and  your friend would need a MPEG-2 codec to view MPEG-2 in a Windows Media Player.
Why bother? Just leave it as a MOV. If they cant view a MOV they're living in the stone age.
Personally, I like to convert my .mov and .ram to .wmv, .asf or .mpg so all my video can play in one player.
PS I hate real player
Everyone hates RealPlayer, but wmv and asf arent much better. Forces everyone to use WMP which is a terrible media player.
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