Packard Bell IXtreme USB problems with XP

I have a major problem with 2 packard bell machines.

The first (and newest machine) packard bell Ixtreme (1000mhz P3 with a MSI 6309 mainboard)i got from a customer for a reinstall (windows XP was dead), i did the reinstall and returned the PC. I hooked up the PC and when i booted it up it was verry slow, i disconnected the USB keyboard, and it was fast again.
(it didn't find the USB keyboard when booting up) When i hook up the USB keyboard while the PC is running it just freezes up..

The second pc, is also a packard bell Ixtreme (933mhz P3 with a MSI 6309 mainboard) was running Win98 before, and the customer wanted XP also, i installed it...
And yes.... the same problem, ONLY when i hook up a USB Logitech wireless mouse before i start it up, it detects and install the mouse without problems.
When the mouse is installed it works without any problems and i can disconnect/reconnect the mouse anytime i want while the PC is running.
BUT when i try to connect a logitech webcam while the pc is running..... it freezes again.

I allready called packard bell to ask if they had complaints about this earlyer and they said "we don't support another OS on one of our machines", i reached for my minigun and....... that's a different story...

I updated the bios to the packard bell "winxp only" bios without luck.
I downloaded and installed the VIA 4-1 drivers without luck
I changed in device manager the USB drivers from VIA to Generic USB drivers without luck...

It seems i'm stuck.. and need help soon.
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Try a different USB device?  other than logitech....To see if maybe there is some incompatibility with the two?  Packardbell= bad offense....but anyway i suggest going back to 98....If everything was running fine from there....

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GoldwingAuthor Commented:
Wakeup :
QUOTE of myself
i did the reinstall and returned the PC. I hooked up the PC and when i booted it up it was verry slow, i disconnected the USB keyboard, and it was fast again.
(it didn't find the USB keyboard when booting up) When i hook up the USB keyboard while the PC is running it just freezes up..

i just used logitech because i had them lying around, but it allso happens with a PB keyboard...

Packardbell= bad offense I fully agree, but what can i do, the customer is king..
but anyway i suggest going back to 98, sorry that's no option.. (it would cost ME US$ 300.00 for licenses of Win XP)
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
well...I dont have any other suggestions other than the PB Keyboard USB?  or is it PS/2?

try a PS/2 keyboard?
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GoldwingAuthor Commented:
Please read my comment again...

When i hook up the USB keyboard

And a PS2 keyboard is no option, the customer wants the extra functions of his PB keyboard... (the extra keys)
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Ya ya ya....just trying to help...and your comments aren't EXACT....I dont know what type of keyboards you have tried or haven't tried....Geeze what a jerk....anyway ya whatever.
You ask for help, I am trying to give it to you...I am CLARIFYING Your answer.  So quit belittleing me and either help me help you or forget it....
GoldwingAuthor Commented:
Wakeup : i was not trying to offend you, i just thought you might have missed that from my comment.

If i did offend you, please accept my appologies.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
There are other keyboards out there that probably have the same or similar functions of the PB Keyboard....see if there is one cheap enufff that would work.  

I didn't miss much from your comments...your comments were not easily followed in my opinion.  And I was offended but appologies accepted.  Lets continue and get this worked out.

If the customer won't buge from what he wants....sometimes all you can do is shrug and say well that is it....King or are not God and can't make miracles happen all the time! :)
GoldwingAuthor Commented:
But it's not just the keyboard that gives problems, if i hook up ANY USB device it boots slow.

I have tried so far, a HP 3100 scanner, Logitech mouse + webcam, even a USB flash pen.
So it's not to blame on a single product, it's the whole USB that is doing weard things.
And when i decide not to have the USB device hooked on before i start the PC and connect it later it crashes the PC.

I returned 1 PC to the customer with a different keyboard (and promised him i would try to find a solution).
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Make sure the USB drivers are installed (properly and up to date)? Update the chipset drivers for the motherboard...
try here:
or here:

also here:

However I don't know which Iextreme model you have.  they have links for several of them....

WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
OH and make sure Windows XP SP1 and all the security patches are applied.
Another thought is to try installing a USB 2.0 PCI Card and see if that may fix anything or ?  Just to see if maybe something is just plain wrong with his USB ports....or some conflicts with HIS Usb ports on both machines?  Quite possible that maybe something shorted them out or damaged them and the reason why nothing works now...

GoldwingAuthor Commented:
The XP i installed had SP1 included, and yes all security/system patches are installed.
I downloaded all the chipset updates from the MSI site on PC1
and i tried all the updates from the Packard Bell site on PC2 just to try if one would work better then the other..

The machines models are

PB IXtreme 8110I-RW  (1Ghz CPU)
PB IXtreme 7930I-RW  ( 933Mhz CPU)

(the CPU is the only thing that is different in the machines)

Just to see if maybe something is just plain wrong with his USB ports
Well i doubt there is something wrong with the USB ports.. because they worked fine on Win98
GoldwingAuthor Commented:
I am going to ask CC to reduce the points to 100 and award them to you Wakeup for the efford.

Thank you for the support/help you gave me, but the problem is not resolved, apparantly Pacard Bell told me (after 10000000 phonecalls) that this was a know problem
and they didn't find any solution except for downgrading to 98se.

Again... thanks alot for sharing your ideas.
I read the whole thread, I have the same problems with my packard bell 7930i RW. New Bios en chipset drivers didn't fix it.

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