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I have problems with the display adapter on an e-machine 633i tower using w98.  W98 is running great.  The only problems are the display adaptor & the audio drivers.  Here is the case history:
1.  the machine had win xp pro & had difficulties---after a while the OS stalled, after trying all the usual treatments on system tools I went ballistic & installed w98 (big mistake/I regret now but what is done is done).  I used W98 CD to erase Win XP.  W98 CD did the job by itself.
2.  the process went smoothly until I saw the monitor's color quality (6 or 12 colors only).  I checked on device manager & the display adaptor that is using in a std windows VGA.
I doenloaded the monitor's driver & installed it, but it didn't do the trick.

What are my next steps?   I'm consumed by it & need your skills.  Thanks.
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You say you downloaded the monitor's driver and installed it; what about the display adaptor driver? And the audio driver? Also, boot into Safe mode (by holding down the Ctrl key -- or on some machines, repeatedly punching the F8 key -- until you get the boot menu), then go into Device Manager and check if there are any "ghosts" (duplicate devices installed.)  If yes, remove them all, reboot, and let the New Hardware Wizard reinstall...
Like LeeTutor says it's your video driver.

>>I used W98 CD to erase Win XP<<
There is no "erase" type of action from a Windows 98 CD. To get Windows 98
on a hard drive properly you want to be either formatting a brand new hard drive
or removing partitions then formatting a used hard drive.

The way you did it Windows 98 just installs over top of Windows XP leaving many
things in place like your video drivers. The fact that the Windows 98 CD could just
go ahead and install over Windows XP means that the Windows XP was installed
on a FAT32 formatted hard drive. Maybe you should have used the NTFS file
system format with Windows XP before giving up on it. The Windows XP could
have had the file system changed to NTFS without but a few key-stokes in
the MS-DOS Prompt.

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Go to Start > Run > and type MSCONFIG > "OK"
Click the "Advanced" button
Is there a checkmark in "VGA 640 x 480 x 16"?

If so, try removing it, click "Apply" and then restart.
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Check in device manager to see if there are any error marks near the disply adapter and remove the adapter and restart the PC this will reload the drive or ask you for it.

Like one above person has said the win98 CD will now remove XP, if you did not format the drive, then do so, and reinstall 98, should be all ok.

ginopirelliAuthor Commented:
Thank guys:

I really appreciated your help & it did good on both, the computer & my heart.  It is wonderful to know that there are Real Human Beings listening to our problems.  These types of concerns & difficulties, like computers malfunctions,  makes my everyday behavior snappy & full of bad temper, but with your skills & willingness to help others, nothing can be wrong.  THANKS!

I had WINXP working underneath W98; I erased & formatted it, it did the job. :-D
Now you want to go straight to Windows Update and get all
critical updates for Windows 98 except DirectX 9.0b. Also, a
higher percentage of Windows 98 machines run better without
any Internet Explorer "6" updates.

IE 5.5 SP2 (Internet Explorer version 5.5 service pack 2) seems
to be the most stable Windows 98.

Go to "Find Microsoft Windows updates" on the left
"Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition" on the right...then search
"Critical Updates and Service Packs" on the right, and IE 5.5 SP2 will be there
if you can't find it through the regular Windows Update.
er...I guess the link to Windows Update catalog would help in finding
the older updates :)
I agree completely with spiderfix on this one.

DirectX 8.1 is the last stable version that works withou problems in Windows 98.  Some people are lucky, but the vast majority experience strange problems that point back to DirectX 9 or 9a, but can be hard to prove.

Internet Explorer 6.0 problems with Win98 are abundant on every proble page you happen to visit.  I still use IE 5.01 with 128-bit encryption update and most of the security updates, and have had absolutely no problems with any web content, Web-page scripts, conflicts with anything else on my computer, or other miscellaneous quirks.

IE 5.5 added a few of the patches not present in 5.01 saving you from patching it, but it also added a couple of weaknesses of its own which were thankfully patched by the Service Packs.

Same goes for Windows Media Player.  Version 9 seems to cause a lot of miscellaneous problems in Win98.  Again, I am still using version 6.4, but have downloaded the version 8.0 codecs and also the wmv codec version 9 to allow it to play the Microsoft WMF and WMV file formats when encoded with the more recent encoder.

You should also download the windows Msia installer version 2.  Win98 comes with version 1.0, but most modern applications require the updated installer.
ginopirelliAuthor Commented:
Thanks, for the advise on Direct X, Explorer, & WMP.  I always thought that updating to new versions was the solution for better performance.  But W98 is an oldie & with those hints I understand better why sometimes the OS acts erratic.  An open mind is what makes the world go around. ;-)

Guys (& gals) I salute you, & keep on the good work, without your help I would've gone unmanageable.  
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