Ability to see an AS400 machine in the windows network neighborhood

Is it possible to see an as400 in a windows network via the network neighborhood?
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try this link - if you need any more info just add another comment


MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Hi ljgrube,

As far as I know, it isn't possible to see the AS/400 as machine on your windows network, but you can map an AS/400 directory to a local drive drive anyway.
Before you can do that, an AS/400 share must exist.
You can create that share with the "Client Access operations Navigator" as follows:

Start the Opp.Navig.
- Click in the left panel on the required AS/400
- Click in the left panel on "File systems"
- Click in the left panel on "Intergrated file system"
- Right click on the required directory and select Sharing > New share...
- Fill in the form and click OK
- Click in the left panel on "File shares"
- Right click on the required Sharing and choose "Map networkdrive"

Have fun!!!

Yes IT IS Possible my machine is (win98) i dont have time to look at it now. will post when i have time

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I have 2 mins so here goes
I firstly thought and still think that it is loaded as a licence program (go licpgm.  etc)
goto the info centre

then type 'iseries netserver' in the search and there you go.

This is for v5r2 , i am sure that the old way (I have a win98 pc and V4R3) and still see the 400 in my NET Neibourhood. if i get time later i will power my machine up and let you know the product(I think it is 5769ss1 & option(?)



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The AS/400 NetServer Does Not Appear in Windows Network Neighborhood

Yes, we use OS400 V5R2, and if you use OpsNavigator to connect to your system, browse down to Network -> Servers -> TCP/IP and choose 'AS/400 NetServer' on the right side.  Right click, and choose 'Properties' .  Click on 'Next Start', and put a check next to 'Allow AS/400 netserver access using the system name'    If you have the system name and the domain name matching your current NT domain setup, it will show as a system and you can just double click and open your shares.  :)  You just need to either authenticate to the AS400, or sync your AS400 user names with your windows domain names.  Enjoy!
We dont use Rumba anymore but they do have a way to make it show up there.
It showed up as something like "Rumba Network".
I never clicked it to see what it showed but I do remember that being in the network neighborhood.
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