How to enhance a sonogram using Photoshop 7

I am trying to enhance a friends sonogram.  The pic is not really blurry but  you really cant tell what body parts are what except for the head and maybe a  When I try to sharpen it, it still doesn't enhance the photo enough. Please help!  Thanks
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"All the tools that exist in Photoshop Elements, exist in one form or another in Photoshop"

Using various tools you can accomplish the same thing. Photoshop is far too sophisticated to use something like a "selection brush". Using "Extract" magnetic lasso, magic wand, select by color etc etc would all yield the same result.
Sonograms arent exactly detailed to begin with. you cant bring out detail that doesn't exist to begin with. Nothing you can do but make sure the levels are correct.
Photoshop Elements (different program than Photoshop) may help. It's used for fixing images.

You can try the 30 day trial.

Without seeing the image, it's hard to make any suggestions, but I suspect it will take a lot of time (few hours).

What I would try is using the selection brush tool (not found in photoshop). You can then go thru the image and select bits and pieces to sharpen or median. Change contrast and brightness here and there. Play around with the color, etc...

If your willing to put in the time, you could fix it up nice and would probably make a nice christmas present.

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Photoshop Elements is just Photoshop Light, formerly known as Photoshop LE. All the tools that exist in Photoshop Elements, exist in one form or another in Photoshop. You gain nothing by using Elements.
Where would you find the selection brush tool in Photoshop?
Ironmike494Author Commented:
Thanks! I already have Adope Photoshop and I just purchased a Graphire Tablet which comes with Photoshop Elements, so I will play around with both of them, using the suggestions you have given me. THANKS..I LOVE THIS SITE!
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