RegisterDeviceNotification declaration with MFC headers

I'm trying to use RegisterDeviceNotification in a test mfc dialog for proof of concept of something before I turn it into a sevice.  However, I cannot get the function declaration to work that is in winuser.h  Either by letting mfc includes get or by explicity declaring it.

Is there some define that has to be set for those things to be included in the header correctly?  Like how in VS6, you have to redeclare WINVER to be 0x0500 for the structure typedefs that you use with RegisterDeviceNotification to be included correctly in dbt.h
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_corey_Author Commented:
Actually, in the question I point out that I use that as an example and wanted to know if there was another requirement because I refuses to find it.

Also, you know how you can specify specific usb device GUID's?  Well they are defined in some ddk headers which I cannot get a hold of right now.  Could anyone give me these GUIDs for usb and/or joystick type devices?
_corey_Author Commented:
Oh, my bad, late night :)   But still the GUID id question?  I'll throw some more points for anyone with that data.  I cannot get a ddk download anywhere or order started.
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The DDK is not for download anymore.
There is also no GUID for mouse or joystick. Only for individual devices of a single manufacturer.
What do you want to achieve?
_corey_Author Commented:
Well, that generic usb GUID would do for now then.

I can always check to see if there was actually a device of the type I want plugged in, I just thought there might be sub-category predefined GUIDs but I never found any myself.  But, I also don't have that header.

Yea, the DDK isn't for download anymore, and the page to get it was screwed up, so I was looking for some declarations to use.
_corey_Author Commented:
Defining that _WIN32_WINNT seems correct but doesn't have any effect that I can tell, perhaps I have some other problem.

If anyone can give me usbioctl or some file with those guid definitions, I'lll then split the points.
_corey_Author Commented:
For those looking it is _WIN32_WINNT not WIN32_WINNT but it does work once you setup the defines correctly (and don't forget a rebuild all).

The order page is finally working so I just ordered the new ddk so I can get the headers/libs correctly instead of hacking it up.  Thanks guys.
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