Hiding Delphi Console Window

Hi, I've notcied that when you make a console application in delphi it significantly reduces the filesize, assuming you only use the SysUtils in your uses. I was wondering if maybe there was a way to hide the console window? So bascially a program that runs invisibly or just when opened is designed to do one task, and it's done.

So does anyone know how to hide the console window in a console app?
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Hi ionet, try this:

program Project1;


uses SysUtils, Windows;

function EnumProc(hwnd:HWND;lParam:DWORD):BOOL; stdcall;
  Result := False;
  if PID=lparam then
    Result := True;

  writeln('Press Enter to HIDE application window...');
  EnumWindows(@EnumProc,GetCurrentProcessID()); // will hide your console application after the enter key.

ionetAuthor Commented:
Hmm, alsantos, This is great code, although I meant that the console window wouldn't even show up from when you start the program. With this code it would show up for about less than a second, and then hide.
It's more easy. Just delete the line  {$APPTYPE CONSOLE}, for example:

program Project1;

uses Windows;

  CopyFile('c:\test.txt', 'c:\test2.txt', True); // an example code


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ionetAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot alsantos. Points to you.

Only thing I have left to ask is

"Is there a way to create a program that runs like a regular application without forms and with the file size significantly decreased. Basically like a console application except it doesn't close when its done."
I didn't understand... Do You want a program that run without form and it isn't a console application ?

Look, you can create an normal application, with form, but you put the form invisible. So, It will work normally, and to decrease the size, you can use upx(http://upx.sourceforge.net)
And you can create an console application using a while for example... While (True = True) do ... will join in a infinite loop. so, it will only exit when you want.

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