how to navigate among documents in msword2000

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does anybody know how to navigate between documents in msword  by having a custom buttons in  msword 2000? we can do that by using
" control +f6 " keys . but  i want to have to between documents do i do that ? any help wud be appreciated grtly ..thanks in advance

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Are you want to create the control button in VB or in Word2000. The code for navigation is

activewindow.Next.Activate   'this is in vba


thanks  fantasy1001 for your posting ..  i want to create a button in MSword2003 to  navigate in between documents ...  thank you


sorry it is  MSword2000 not  MSword2003
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1.   From word menu, Tools->Customine, then select Tab Commands
2.   Choose All Command from the Categories listbox
3.   Then choose the command "NextWindow", click on the command in the command listbox and drag it to the toolbar, any toolbar can.

Thanks & Cheers


gr8...  thanks  Fantasy .. can i ask u small favour .. is there any way to identify  last document while  moving between bunch of documents ...
Sorry, I am not sure how to do that yet.

However, you can activate the window with name

~ fantasy ~


thanks  fantasy

i think this  should  work for me.. cud u let  me know more about it .   what  does  my stands  for?


is it possible to pass an array (doument names) from vb application to msword macro.. so that i will get to know which is last document ...
thank u

my.doc is just the document's name you want to activate. You can passed integer index as well like this,

Documents(2).Activate. I am not sure how to activate the last document. May be you have to post another topic out there.

~ fantasy ~

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