Maximum Number of Users P2P network.

In a Windows 2000 peer-to-peer network, how can one find out how many users are allowed to connect to a shared resources / computer? I know the maximum is ten, but I think my PCs have a lower limit than this, since we have problems when only 4 or 5 users are logged in. When can I set this value to 10?


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1 user at times can be counted as more then one connection to the resources.
Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
The number of simultaneous connections can't be modified, only the number of simultaneous users allowed on the share can be modified via share's proprieties in case "simple file sharing"  isn't active

You can check how many sessions are opened to your share using : control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> shared folders -> sessions
from here you can also disconnect users that you don't want to be "hanged" onto your share.

As CrazyOne said, one user can be counted as more than one session. Also, forgotten_opened browsers pointing to that share are counted. Just check with the above menu.
Jason210Author Commented:
Thanks. How can one user be counted as more than one session? Can you spell it out for me?

Is there anyway I can increase the limit for sessions? I can't be there to manually disconnect "hanged" users when this problem occurs.

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Hey Steve
Jason210Author Commented:
Hi, very good Steve! You hit the nail on the hid with this article:

another possible fix

I'd never have found this out myself! Really obscure!

Adrian DobrotaNetworking EngineerCommented:
When stevenlewis said <<another possible fix >> I thought there actually IS a "fix" to override M$'s 10 connection restriction and wide opened my eyes while saying "Kronos boy, you still have looots of things to learn".   I clicked the links and now I'm stilly.
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    But people like you know too much!!!!   :-((   You're destroying our morale ;-)  
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    Steve ... what about  "Steve the BUG"  ?

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Jason, glad to help!

kronostm, thanks for the compliment, I think LOL
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