Trivial question on Lisp. Getting string length

Is there a build-in function in lisp to return the length of a string?
If there isn't what are the ways in getting it?
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I think the function you want is string-length
klackonsAuthor Commented:
well.. string-length didn't work..
but i managed to find it on the web. The function I was looking for is (length string)
thanx anyway...

However now I have another question and that is can there be a AND/OR condition when defining the condition in the (cond ) function??
I don't see why not - a condition is not limited to a single test, and Lisp is known for its nested structures.  It's been a while since I actually coded in Lisp, though.
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klackonsAuthor Commented:
can u pls show me some examples?
let say i want to have a simple AND condition like:

if (A = 1 and B = 1)
  print (stuff)

how should i code this in clisp?
Tommy KinardCommented:
(strlen string) for acad2000i

The cond function can be used like a case select statement:
     ((= s 1) "Y")
     ((= s 2) "N")
     ((= s 3) "T")
     ((= s 4) "P")

I would need a smple set of data to setup the cond.


>if (A = 1 and B = 1)
>  print (stuff)

((and (equal A 1) (equal B 1)) (print stuff))

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klackonsAuthor Commented:
thanx callandor for the quick reply, that was what I needed to know..
One last question, does that mean 'OR' will work as well?

meaning: ((or (equal A 1) (equal B 1)) (print stuff))

is possible as well?
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