Hiding winforms Datagrid 'selector' column


I would like to remove that default column grey selector column that gets added as the first column in a datagrid,
Is it possible and if so how do I do it ?


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the-edgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
set the RowHeadersVisible of the datagrid to False:

DataGrid1.RowHeadersVisible = False

the edge
rjuchAuthor Commented:
No, that gets rid of column headers, ie. first row.. i want to get rid of that grey 'column' on the left
no! this hide the grey column on the left. have you tried it?

the ColumnHeadersVisible property hide/show the column's headers
the RowHeadersVisible property hide/show the row's headers

try it and let me know. i've tried it and it works fine.

the edge
rjuchAuthor Commented:
Sorry man, misread your comment and used columnHEadersVisible :)
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