Ie events

Hi all,

Can any one help me how to trap all the Internet explorer events. That mean I should be able to trap url when a url navigate or a new ie open etc.[If u r going to talk about EventSinkImp then I am facing one problem]

Thanks in advance

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Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Well, what is the problem you are having with IEEventSinkImpl?

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You could have a look at Browser Helper Object,
I found this link at this thread

sasinairAuthor Commented:
I have just download the EventSinkImp tool and have generated the
SHDocVwEvents.pas and am trying to install it into Delphi 6 Pro.
  I did what it said to do, which is:
3. Click "Import". EventSinkImp will now create the file shdocvwEvents.pas.
4. Open Delphi and select from the menu
Component->Install component and install shdocvwEvents.pas into a new
package called "IEEvents" (or whatever).

--End Instructions----

But when trying to compile it gives me the following error:

----Begin Error Report---

Registration procedure, Shdocvw_tlb.Register in package
f:\borland\delphi6\Projects\Bpl\FireIEEvents.bpl raised exception class
EFilerError: A class named TWebBrowser already exists.

---End Error Report---

  What would I need to do to get rid of this error and install the newly
generated component???


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Simple : rename the class.


sasinairAuthor Commented:

You are talking about renaming TWebBrowser in SHDocVw_TLB file? If I rename will it effect any other related files or any thing??

Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
I just removed it and added ShDoc_vw_tlb to it's uses clause.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
I just removed it and added ShDoc_vw_tlb to it's uses clause.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
I just downloaded the EvenSinkImpl units from this link
and had no problem installing SHDocVwEvents in D6 Pro.

Where did you get those installation instructions, anyway?
You don't have to "import" anything to get the SHDocVwEvents.pas

Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
  Your award of points on this topic show that you have no idea about this subject and shouldn't be a cleanup volunteer,
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
I am going to request that you be removed from the Delphi Cleanup gorup because you have no expertise in this area.
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
I have sent email to AnnieMod but haven't rcvd instructions.
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