using linux for database server

hi there,

i want to use linux for my database server. for this i want to know the mandatory advantages what linux offers me for this.
also pls mention the advantages of using linux over win NT with reasons.


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If you are using any common distribution, you can install two excellent choices: MySQL and PostgreSQL. Both are free and proper RDBMSes. PostgreSQL is the less common but more compliant of the two. MySQL used to not provide some functionality but the latest versions are as good as anything.

Advantages are stability and speed but both of these depend on how you tune your system/database. You can run MySQL and PostgreSQL on your NT/Win2K box if you use Cygwin. The performance suffers, the security is non-existent but it works.

Query if you have any of these installed by typing
 rpm -qi postgresql
rpm -qi mysql
on your shell.

For example here's a stock Suse 8.2 with MySQL installed:

titan:~ # rpm -qi mysql
Name        : mysql                        Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version     : 3.23.55                           Vendor: SuSE Linux AG, Nuernberg
, Germany
Release     : 14                            Build Date: Sat Mar 15 19:20:06 2003

Install date: Wed Oct 22 13:58:48 2003      Build Host:
Group       : Productivity/Databases/Servers   Source RPM: mysql-3.23.55-14.src.
Size        : 16971518                         License: GPL, Other License(s), s
ee package
Packager    :
URL         :

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Most major commercial databases are also supported on linux... Oracle, DB2 ...
The "platform" mostly enjoys the same kind of benefits that any Unix platform would: manageability, performance and stability.
Since at least Oracle have a stupid distribution scheme (they rely on the portability of .o files... and the non-changeing nature of glibc... which changes all the time:-), only a limited set of distributions might be certified, but... most things can be "adjusted" on any distro:-).

There are more freeware/shareware/opensource alternatives than PostgreSQL and MySQL (mind you, MySQL is commercial too;)... But those cover most (if not all) needs.

-- Glenn
Both of them already gave you very good hints/suggestion, I'm just wanna to suggest if you going to have a very huge database, try to get more RAM as you can, because database like mysql and Oracle with more RAM will perform better :)
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People seem to be very modest here!

You ask for advantages in using free software compared to e.g. MS SQL Server. I'd say the question is: what disadvantages may there be in choosing OpenSource SW?

Having run MySQL problem-free for several years, I see no disadvantage. If you want to run it up against MS applications, I can safely say that it's quite easy to use e.g. MS Access as user IF if you install the ODBC (also free).

Sometimes I actually use MS Access to create the template Db, and then export it to MySQL (via ODBC) for finetuning.

Why I use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL? Simply because it was the first I installed, and it kept on working without errors, - I'm sure the same would have happened if I had started out with PostgreSQL.
Yes ,

 MySQL and postgres are the better one in free ware. I belive there is one more free database if u buy linux exnterprise server that is redhat database. The RH db also is very good.

 But it all boils down to your needs how you want them and what u store in that and how much performance u need.

 for better performance user more RAM with Postgres or MySQL. But some of the best features in RDBMS are not supported in both of them. But I think they are good and gives good result as expected.


I just wanted to point out that someone posted that you can only run mySQL in Windows if you use cygwin, and that is not the case.  As far as my knowledge goes, mySQL runs on Windows just fine; I've run it on both Linux and Windows.  

As for which to pick, I have always seen a general trend for people to use mySQL.  Maybe it's just an easier name to pronounce, but most people just tend to gravitate towards it.
I think m1fcj has the right of this one (since atul812 doesn't indicate that s/he went with a commercial db... Doesn't indicate anything...:-).

-- Glenn
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