ReReplace Last Occurance

Can I use ReReplace to replace the last occurance of a pattern with something else.

ie: I want to replace the last occurance of a space with a <br>

The Quick Brown Fox

I want to become

The Quick Brown<br>Fox

which would also work for 1 occurance.

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PluckaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, should have mentioned how I currently do this.

#Reverse(Replace(Reverse(test)," ",Reverse("<br>")))#

Which works fine, just makes for some unreadable code, thought there might be a simple regular expression method.

PS: I also know how to do this through loops and finds, but I'm after a single statement like above but simpler.
i know u have specifically asked for replacenocase

but just have a look at this

<CFSET var = "The Quick Brown Fox">

<CFSET x = ListGetAt(var,listlen(var,' '),' ')>
<CFSET var = ListDeleteAt(var,listlen(var,' '),' ') & "<br>" & x>


PluckaAuthor Commented:
That's probably only marginally easier to read code than my

#Reverse(Replace(Reverse(test)," ",Reverse("<br>")))#

I sometimes show this line of code to potential employees and ask them to tell me what it's doing.

I think there's probably a simple regular expression for this, but i'm not that good at regular expressions.

PS: I specifically asked for REreplace not replacenocase.
PPS: Wouldn't it be nice if Replace had a Scope option of last.
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<cfset newtext = reReplaceNoCase(myText, " ([a-z0-9[:punct:]]+)$", "<br>\1")>

will replace the last occurence of a space with a break, if the space is followd by letters, numbers, or a punctuation mark.

[[a-z0-9[:punct:]]+ means one or more letter, number or punctuation mark
$ means "at the end of the text"
<br>\1 is a backreference. Replace the reg ex with a break followed by the expression in parentheses.

If you need to allow other chars behond the space, let me know, should be possible,  too .



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Hi again,

one addition:

instead of reReplaceNoCase() you can use reReplace and change the regex to "([a-zA-Z0-9[:punct:]]+)$", but, I think the case insensitive comparison is a bit faster...


PluckaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that worked a treat, thought there would be a regex method.
You're welcome. :-)
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