With a wireless home network connecting to a third computer seems to slow internet connection speed to almost nothing what can i do to fix this

I have a wireless network of three computers one is wired to a Belkin wireless router which is connected to a D-Link 300g+ ADSL modem with British Telecom 512k service broadband. The other two are in other rooms with Belkin USB wireless network adapters. When using the internet on the wired computer and one of the wireless computers in the other room the speeds are very fast. However when connecting using the third the speed drops to very very slow speeds.
   Is there a way around this problem, i.e. could I wire one more of the computers and have the other wireless.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

PC Specifications:

2000ghz +
512mb ram +
Windows XP

n.b. PC’s are within 20ft of each other so signal is no problem
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Obviously the more people using the 512k connection, the speed will decrease but yes, you could easily run a CAT5 cable from the router to the PC.  If it's only 20ft you could always buy a 25ft cable and test it out.  You do have an ethernet card in the PC you will run the cable to right?
richtongAuthor Commented:
Yes i have an ethernet card in all three! I have just tried what you suggested and its seems ok when just surfing. However when i start downloading something then everything slows right down. Is this normal???
richtongAuthor Commented:
Is there a website that shows you exactly what you can expect from this type of network config? because that would be really useful
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It doesn't sound like the way you have your network setup is the problem.  You have it setup correctly even with the wireless connection.  Perhaps your connection speed is just to slow to handle your demands.  Have you considered increasing your DSL connection or switching to cable?

Does this problem occur on all machines or from one particular machine?

When you say it slows right down...is your download fast but the other machines are slower when browsing.  Or is your download really slow as well?
richtongAuthor Commented:
At the moment i am running just two machines from the ports on the back of the router. These run fine with no problems. If i were to enable the wireless adapter on the other machine then the speed on all three would come to a complete standstill. Internet explorer idicates that the website has been found and is attempting to load, but it takes forever. As soon as i disable the wireless adapter and try the other two machines again the speed eveything returns to normal. This is the same for downloading files.
Maybe some of these links can help...

If I understand your comments above you get a slow down whether your 3rd machine is on wireless OR a cable but you only notice this when you do a download - this can be quite normal if you cannot allocate or reserve bandwidth for each machine. The one doing the download will tend to hog the Internet connection receiving multiple large packets and the other traffic will suffer as a result. In this event it is possible to timeout on DNS lookups etc even with only a second machine running.
However, if you really only get problems when you enable the 3rd machine on wireless then I would check for dropped packets etc due to interference affecting the wireless signal. Check for portable phones, baby alarms etc etc. Depending on the design of the router and the CPU speed it may not be capable of keeping things running well if problems occur.

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richtongAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, however a new problem has occurred which has caused greater concern. The problem is that the network stops working and has to be shut down and random times day or night. At first i thought it could be BT (British Telecom - ISP) noticing that the network is left on for long periods and just disconnecting us to open up bandwidth for others. However they deny any such actions. Is there anything that could be causing this, and could it be related to the previous problem.
Aha! At last I may have found someone else who has the same problem - not quite sure from your description?
Several of my clients, using different makes of ADSL routers, lose their Internet connections at random times.
This seems to happen every couple of days when ADSL availability has just been provided on an exchange and then at odd occasions, weekly or even monthly, after that. The only way to get things back up and running again is generally to power cycle 2 or 3 times - patiently.
It hasn't happened to me on every exchange I have used or even every make of router but it is a pain in the neck.
The status page on an Allied Telesyn router actually shows modem is up but the PPPoA is stuck on the authentication stage.
Because this never clears itself it has to be identified and cleared manually - which has caught me out too during a couple of International trips when my base was unavailable.
From experience I can only guess that this is down to BT working on their equipment - you will never get an admission though - I assume because of the possibilities of legal action - oh for the days that people weren't so concerned of this that customer service really meant something!
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