rz and sz commands

hi to all
by using sz , rz  commands how could i transfer files in  unix operation system?
plz give me some information about z modem program  and a link to download free  one.
thanks in advance
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I don't suppose you could move the files with scp or ftp?
asad72Author Commented:
how could i move the files with scp or ftp?
Assuming you aren't pulling my chain:      :o)

If the sending and receiving boxes are on the same network and running ssh or ftp services, you could use secure copy or ftp to move the files.

scp <file_to_send>  some_server:/some_dir


ftp <some_server>
<login process>
cd <some_directory>
put <file_to_send>

For more on the secure shell:

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> how could I? :
you need a terminal emulator which supports Zmodem transfers like (Secure)CRT from www.vandyke.com

then you type sz somefile and it comes to your host.
or when you type rz terminal program asks you for list of files to receive.

alternatives are uuencode/uudecode and winzip on windows - i.e you :paste: uuencoded file to uudecode on unix and vice versa...

sometimes utilities are called lsz and lrz

ddspar: ssh good but sz/rz/uue uses same session for transfers - 500pts in your direction if you point me to software which starts sftp-server in another channel in ssh terminal session(protocol can support it you know)... i know <CR>~C but this does not help...
gheist:  I can't imagine what you're trying to do.
scp has always been sufficient for me, but I'm not using a modem.
just like ssh does tcp forwarding, i will try to add sftp/scp connection channel to existing ssh session...i am not using modem too...
I guess I don't know why you wouldn't just open another session.
Wheres the link to your question so we can get out of this one?
gheist:  The program 'screen' might do what you want (assuming I understand what it is that you want.)
no not screen - i know ^A^D... no question - i do not want another Q without A
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