Removing Spaces from a string

Easy, so I have a string, this string could have any number of spaces at its end, and then I have another string, which could have any number of spaces at the beginning.  My question is how can I remove the unwanted spaces so that I have just the data.  Here is an example of what I need...  The number of spaces that are at the end and beginning of the string varies and are not constant...  Thanks!

--------  Example  --------

(String 1)
String = "John Doe                "

String = "John Doe"

(String 2)
String = "     100"

String = "100"
------- Break -------
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what language?


vb: Trim("John Doe        ");

String str = "    100";
str = str.trim();

c++: depends, are you using AnsiString, string, CString, char[] ???

gideonnAuthor Commented:
Ops My bad I thought I was in the VB forum..  VB Thanks Bobbit!
strSpacelessString = RTrim(strString1)+LTrim(strString2)

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lol... why didn't i get the points?

strSpacelessString = Trim(str1)

will remove leading and trailing spaces (no need for RTrim, LTrim)

In addition,

In VB the string concat operator is & not +

strSpacelessString = RTrim(strString1) & LTrim(strString2)
gideonnAuthor Commented:
Sorry Bobbit I just looked at your post again and the first time I looked at it I didn't see the VB part, I just saw Java and disregarded it, I am sorry please see my next post for your points.
It's easy.
use Trim command to remove extra spaces from the string.


re: In VB the string concat operator is & not +

Either will concatenate strings. The difference is that & is early-bound (i.e. the compiler knows that the reference is a string). + is late bound because the target might be a number, in which case math is required or a string, in which case a concatenation is required. Therefore & is considerably faster than +. Otherwise either will work.

btw - Neither of these solutions will remove multiple spaces between words within the string - in case that's an issue
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