copying a folder and its contents(subfolders and files) from one location to another

Hi Experts,

I'm trying to copy a folder containing several files and subfolders which also contain files and subfolders, etc... I don't know the names of the subfolders nor the files.

I would like to copy this main folder (c:\myfolder) to another location (c:\test\myfolder) with all its content. How do I achieve this. i havn't as yet found a way of copying a folder and its contents in java.

Thank you for your time,

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Might be easiest to Runtime.exec("xcopy...
codechewerAuthor Commented:
thanks CEHJ. that was really helpfull but my environment takes the api as Runtime.getRuntime().exec("xcopy...

i have tried it with dir, mkdir which runs perfectly on the commandline but throws and exception as

CreateProcess: mkdir myfoldername  error:  2

where mkdir myfoldername is a commandline command.

usign jbuilder 6 and tomcat 4.1.24

be most grateful to here from you.
why don't you try this:

public static void copyDirectory(File aSourceDirectory, File aDestinationDirectory) throws IOException {
    int i;
    File sourceFile;
    File destinationFile;
    File[] files = aSourceDirectory.listFiles();

    if (!aDestinationDirectory.exists())

    for (i=0; i<files.length; i++) {
      sourceFile = files[i];
      destinationFile=new File(aDestinationDirectory, sourceFile.getName());
      if (sourceFile.isDirectory()) {
        if (!destinationFile.exists())
        copyDirectory(sourceFile, destinationFile);
      else {
        copyFile(sourceFile, destinationFile);

i'm sorry i forgot the copyFile method. here it is

public static void copyFile(File aSourceFile, File aDestinationFile) throws IOException {
    FileInputStream inputStream;
    FileOutputStream outputStream;
    int nrBytesRead;
    byte[] buffer = new byte[FILE_COPY_BUFFER_SIZE];

    inputStream = new FileInputStream(aSourceFile);
    try {
      File directory = new File(aDestinationFile.getParent());
        if (directory!=null && !directory.exists()){
      outputStream = new FileOutputStream(aDestinationFile);
      try {
        do {
          nrBytesRead =;
          if (nrBytesRead>0)
            outputStream.write(buffer, 0, nrBytesRead);
        while (nrBytesRead>=0);
      finally {
    finally {

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Sorry - those command are shell commands so it would have to be:

Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd.exe dir ...
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