Shared Calendar and email problems


I hope someone can help me with this...

Basically I have two branches of one company. Both have an exchange server with active directory but use two differnt domain names. Users on one branch can be found on the other branch as a few users move between branches so i've created dupilicate accounts....

A person called Jeff wishes to share his calendar with Julie so she can add records to it. However Jeff is based in the New York branch while Julia is in London.  Jeff sometimes visits London but he never uses his calendar there.

Both sites are connected via VPN and can access shared folders etc on each sites server...

I know how to add permissions to share a folder in outlook 2000, however when I go to "open another users folder" on Julie machine in London and click on Jeffs username it gives access to his London calender which he never uses!!

So basically i want the ability to open another users folder on a differnt server. In this case i want the ability to open Jeff's New York calendar  instead of his London calendar. Is this possible? If so how?

I hope someone can help with this. I dont forget to award points to the most helpful...

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More information about the 2 sites, are they part of the same forest?
slappedmonkeyAuthor Commented:
Nope, they're both totally separate. Both started out as two new domains and not part of the same domain....

anything else? :)
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2 way trusts setup between them?
slappedmonkeyAuthor Commented:

How do i do this? what implications will it have?
This would basically merge the domains and allow crossover access. In other words I could map a mailbox to the \\company1exchangeserver\mailbox to a company 2 user

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Do you administer both domains? or do you have confidence in your counterparts? This would also open up both domains to each other. You could explore 1 way trusts etc... but easiest to do 2 way until you can merge both domains under 1 forest
slappedmonkeyAuthor Commented:
I'm administrator on both servers. I don't know why i didn't make them part of the same forest. I guess i was worried about traffic crossing the vpn as it's only a 512/256 line each side and it's being used quite heavy at the moment.

How do i go about joining the both domains?

Any pitfalls i should be careful of?

ewtaylor, do you mean mapping jeffs mailbox on new york server to jeff's account on the london server, and so overwriting his current mailbox in london(i dont think that would be a problem as theres nothing in this mailbox) Would this mean that he could access the same mailbox from either server? can you explain in a bit more detail how this works...

Many thanks
Here is a good website that describes the various trust models and what they can do.  and the potential downside is
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