Restrict ability to edit a field

I have several text fields on a form and I want to restrict who can edit the fields.  I want all users to be able to see the fields, but only database managers can edit the contents.

I see how to hide the field based on certain criteria, but that is not what I want.  Everybody has to be able to see the contents.

What is the best way to do this?

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Use Controlled Access section.

Include all the fields into the controlled access section and give the formula for the section as who can edit the document.

eg: "[MGRRole]"

Where MGRRole is enabled for the managers who can edit the document.

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
All fields ?

Give all your users Author access to the database, and use an Authors field to further give (edit) access to certain users.
You can do that using a role.

So add a field, type Authors, computed when composed, with formula "[MGRRole]".

If you want to protect only a couple of fields, you have several options.

You can use the Access Controlled section like hemanth suggest, but you must be aware that that is by NO MEANS as safe solution.  Everybody with Author rights for the document, can still change the values (albeit not directly, but through agents, smart icons, ...).

Better (safer) alternatives include :
- create separate documents (eg. responses) to store the protected values, and show them in the parent document through  computed for display fields with @dblookup
- use the Field Security Options, must have Editor access to use.  This implies giving the managers Editor access to the database - they would be able to edit ALL documents they can see, so this maybe not what you want


BECKETBMAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions everbody!

I have a follow-up.  I have tried using the controlled access section, which works fine, except that I can not seem to get the section to apply to more than one row in a table.  The table is used to align the various fields on the form; 2 columns, one for the label and one for the field and then 6 rows.

Can a controlled access section apply accros an entire table?

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Yes, it can accomodate whole para or whole table
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Put the table in the section, not the section in the table;
What they both me is:
1) Select the entire table, from above the table to below the teble (add a few blank lines in both paces to make sure you get this right, you can select some of the extra blank lines)
2) WIth all of the tabel selected, Create -> Section -> COntrolled Access Section

Note: you can hide the "section header" for a more natural look.
BECKETBMAuthor Commented:
What if I just want the section to apply to a part of a table, just a few rows and columns?  I am only able to insert a controlled access section in each individual section.  When I aelect multiple rows or columns it does not seem possible to add a section.
You cannot do that. Rather you can select individual cells and enable controlled access section but that is too messy.. Can you split the table into two so that one has controlled edits and other doesn't ?
No can do directly. But you can nest table (create one table inside anotehr), for a similar effect.

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BECKETBMAuthor Commented:

In one of your earlier replies you said it is possible to hide the section header for a more 'natural' look.  How do you do this?

I have removed the title text for the section but the space that is reserved for the title text is still there and it looks like there is an additional line in the table.

Also, when I enter the application as a user, I can still expand and collapse the section, thereby hiding the fields in the section.  I don't want the user to be able to do this.  I want the section always expanded.

Any ideas?

Goto property of section and select auto-expand for all choices and both editors and non-editors. THen goto hide tab at last and select all print/edit/read checkboxes.. so that section header is hidden and is always expanded.
Hemantha's answer is what I meant, and solved both problems -- there is no appearance of a section,a nd the user can't collapse it.
can anyone help....I have a section containing a table and it will not work via the web. Are sections actually compatible with the web. When the twisty is clicked, it expands (at least the expand graphic appears) but shows nothing.

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