Database driven & dynamic dropdown menus

Hello. I need to have three dropdown menus on my site.  The content will be database driven (using SQL Server) and depending on the choice made on menu1, menu2 will dynamically change, and depending on the choice made on menu2, menu3 will change.  I'm not sure how to do this with ColdFusion. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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here's a little tutorial I wrote with two related selects. Can easily be expanded to make three selects. ;-))

Feel free to ask if you need help in adding one more select.


theres a tag for this CF_THREESELECTSRELATED !

this wld do it for u !
go to & scroll to bottom right of the page !

& u shld be able to download the tag & use it easily :)


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One cld easily write a customised array function !

I did the same till i found the tags ... why create them when they can do it easily for u :)

> why create them when they can do it easily for u :)

Because it's easier to learn and understand when you code it yourself. ;-))


I believe there's no point in reinventing the wheel ... !
One shld just know how to use it - thats all ...

depends how u look at it ... cos of all the 10000.. tags available - if a person goes to write all of them by himself ... pheeeww ...

RSebastianiAuthor Commented:
First of all, thanks everybody for your answers.  

I'm trying the CF_THREESELECTSRELATED tag first.  Anand, I went to the link you posted and downloaded a zip file. I changed all the options accordingly but when I try to run it , the error I get is that I didn't specify Attributes.Query, but I did.  I'm not sure where I'm supposed to place the tag code.  Right now I have everything in one page, the code from ThreeSelectsRelated.cfm, the query and the form.  What am I doing wrong?

RSebastianiAuthor Commented:

Ok, I'm using the script but I don't want it to redirect to another page. What lines do I need to remove? I'm trying but I keep getting errors.

take out this function
function redirect2(z){
RSebastianiAuthor Commented:
I did but when I make the selection on the third select box, I get the Object Expected error. Any ideas why? Thanks.
on the thrid select box get rid of the onChange="redirect2(this.options.selectedIndex)"

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RSebastianiAuthor Commented:
Duh. I feel stupid. Thanks!
RSebastianiAuthor Commented:

I have a new problem. When I submit my form to the database, the only data written into the database is select box #1.  select boxes #2 and #3 are blank.  Any ideas on how to fix this one?

Just give urself some time in understanding how the tag works !

Read thru all teh files it has for reference & try it out ... it may look difficult at the first go ... but give it a try & it shld work out !
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