Working with oracle input parameters

I am new to oracle
I have a package that has a begindate and enddate and I want to use the begindate to get the value of the enddate eg in mssql enddate = begindate + 1 how do I go about it in oracle? Proc below

  -- Author  : GMAYAKA.
  -- Created : 10/22/2003
  -- Purpose : To store procs to access common delivery times reports.

       -- Public type declarations
        TYPE results_cursor IS REF CURSOR;

            -- Public procedure declarations
            Procedure DelTimesWeekbyDay (BeginDate IN date,Plant IN number := Null, io_cursor IN OUT results_cursor);

END Del_Times_Reports;
Procedure DelTimesWeekbyDay (BeginDate IN date,Plant IN number := Null, io_cursor IN OUT results_cursor)
   -- Returns a list of Delivery Data by Date for an intranet report on delivery confirmation data.
   -- Returns 7 days worth of data, can return for 1 SmartCenter or all.
        v_cursor results_cursor;

               OPEN v_cursor FOR
            SELECT TO_CHAR(bn_filetime,'MM/DD/YYYY') AS BNManifestDate
        ,count(dcn) as BNManifested
        ,COUNT(dtDSEScanDate) AS DSEScanned
        --,(CASE WHEN count(dtDSEScandate) = 0 THEN null
            --       ELSE cast(COUNT(dtDaysToDeliver)  / COUNT(dtDSEScanDate) * 100 as number(9,2))
            --  END) DeliveryRate
            , DECODE(count(dtDSEScanDate), 0, NULL,
               cast(COUNT(dtDaysToDeliver)  / COUNT(dtDSEScanDate) * 100 as number)) DeliveryRate
             , cast(AVG(dtDaystoDeliver) as number) AvgDaystoDeliver
   FROM Delivery_Time
   WHERE bn_filetime between beginDate AND endDate = begindate  + 1
   AND plantID = NVL(plant, plantID)
GROUP BY TO_CHAR(bn_filetime,'MM/DD/YYYY')
ORDER BY BNManifestDate;

        io_cursor := v_cursor;
   END DelTimesWeekbyDay;

END Del_Times_Reports;

setting the enddate in mssql is pretty simple but I don't know a work around in oracle

Thanks in advance
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You can add numbers to any date column,  So if you what endDate to = beginDate +1 in the where clause

WHERE bnfiletime between  beginDate and (beginDate+1)

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Same in Oracle. you should be able to use enddate= begindate +1 too.
In Oracle, if you only care about the day (ignore the hours,minutes and seoncds)
you can do like this:

trunc(endDate) = trunc(begindate)  + 1
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