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Posted on 2003-10-29
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Last Modified: 2010-03-18
Hello, Ihave linked to PC's together, both have a network ethernet card. One is running windows XP and the other Windows 95. I have attempted to set them up. I've givent them the same work group name and different computer names. I have also set up the sharing of resources.

The windows 95 machine has access in network neighbourhood to all of the files on the XP machine and shows the resourses it is sharing on the network.

The windows XP machine is only showing the files that it is sharing on the network. It isn't showing any files or printers on the Windows 95 machine.

Also I am struggling to set up internet connection sharing. I am using AOL UK DSL (PPoA) on the XP machine. I have know idea what settings I need to use or how to discover the IP addresses it asks for or whether or not I need a proxy server.

Thanks in anticipation, Acsell
Question by:acsell
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Expert Comment

ID: 9644351
If you search for your Windows 95 computer do you see it?  Can you then access the shares?

If you plan to use Internet Connection sharing, you will need a second network card in your host PC (the one the DSL is plugged into).  I suggest you buy a DSL Broadband router instead.  The router will handle IP address allocation as well as provide a basic firewall and you would be up sharing your internet connection in no time.

If you want to stick with ICS, here is a link to get you started...



Author Comment

ID: 9645015
Thanks for your reply. I did a search on the XP machine for the 95 machine and it never found it. I was getting an error message about DHCP (or something) on the 95 machine, I told it not to show the error again. Could that be something to do with it.

Also I have tried using SOHOConnection to set up internet sharing but I got this error message-
"A problem was found in your configuration: No IP address found in (DHCP subnet) for this computer"

Thanks for the link to the website. I will read over that tomorrow. I am trying to set up the network as cheaply as possible so I'd rather do it without a router.
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Expert Comment

ID: 9645108
How are you connecting the two computers together? via cross over cable or are both computers plugged into a hub?

Do you have two network cards in your computer that you are setting up for connection sharing?  That is a requirement for ICS.  Once you setup ICS it will assign your other computer a DHCP address.

For now, without ICS...

To at least get them communicating (as long as the physical cabling is correct) assign both computers static IP addresses:

LAN Connection Properties:

Double click TCP/IP and assign one computer and the other with a subnet mask of

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Author Comment

ID: 9645857
I am connecting the computers together with one cable (I think its twisted pair). I have got one etherlink network cards in each machine. If I got another network card for the XP machine, I can't see where the modem would plug into it.

I have set the static IP's on both PC's but i'm still not being able to access the files on the 95 pc from the XP pc.

In windows XP, under the properties for the LAN connection in "Network connections" I went in the properties of "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and set the IP addresses. In 95 I could find anything with the same name (looking uder "network" in the control panel) but I found one called TCP/IP then the name of the network card. I think I have done it right.

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Accepted Solution

stevenlewis earned 540 total points
ID: 9646614
and from a great expert lrmoore
First and formost, make sure there is no firewall software running! XP has built in PFW.Turn off the Internet Connection Firewall ICF in the advanced settings for the Lan Connection. Check for Norton Internet Security AV/Firewall, BlackIce, ZoneAlarm, et al.


Next, check your XP networking setup:


Although this link says to set netbios over tcp/ip to "default", follow the instructions below...


Turn on "Simple file sharing" on the XP machine. Open explorer, click tools, click folder options, click the view tab and scroll down until you see "Use simple file sharing" then check the box..


For the duration of testing, enable the Guest account on XP. If all works, you can deal with that issue later (username/passwords for everyone on every PC)


Client for Microsoft Networks needs to be the primary network logon for all other machines


All machines are in the same workgroup

Enable NetBios over TCP/IP in WIndows XP

Step 1: Turn On NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Network and Internet Connections.

Click Network Connections.

Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.

Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.

Click the General tab, and then click Advanced.

Click the WINS tab.

Under NetBIOS setting, click Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP, and then click OK two times.

Click Close to close the Local Area Connection Properties dialog box.

Close the Network Connections window.

Step 2: Start the Computer Browser Service

Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Manage.

In the console tree, expand Services and Applications.

Click Services.

In the right details pane, verify that the Computer Browser service is started, right-click Computer Browser, and then click Start.

Close the Computer Management window.







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Expert Comment

ID: 9649547
The modem would plug into one ethernet card and then you would use a cross-over cable from the second ethernet card to the other computers ethernet card.  Since you would need to buy an ethernet card, I would suggest putting the money towards a cable/dsl router.  

Linksys Cable/DSL router - model number = BEFSR41


Netgear Cable/DSL router - model number = RP114

They are going for approximately $40 - $50.  It is a much more efficient and easier approach to setting up your network.

You would need to set your TCP/IP settings back to "Obtain an IP address automatically".

You would plug both computers into the router and connectivity and Internet sharing should come right up.

This will probably also resolve your file sharing problems.


Author Comment

ID: 9652418
Thanks alot for that stevenlewis, I have now got both PC's talking to each other properly. I can share files and resources from both PC's.

Hi  JFrederick29, Thanks for your help, I would buy a router for the internet sharing but the problem is that I am using AOL broadband and it isn't supported by windows 95 which is why I want to connect through the XP machine. Does the compatibilty matter when using a router or will it still work?. Also I don't think the PC meets the minimum system requirements, it needs a 233mhz processor and this is only a 120mhz.

If a router isn't possible I will set up a crossover cable but I'll need further instruction, (what do you mean by crossover cable , is it just using 2 cables instead of 1?). Is it definitely not possible to share the connection with the modem plugged into the XP pc and the 95 machine accessing it through that (through internet explorer)?

Thanks for your continuing help and thanks alot stevenlewis, I had almost given up on it.
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Expert Comment

ID: 9652546
It doesn't matter with the router what operating system you use, there isn't any software that needs to be installed.  It just routes traffic.  

You plug both of your computers into the router and your internet connection should be accessible by both computers.

A cross over cable is a cable that is pinned differently than a straight-through cable.  Litterally 2 pairs are crossed, hence the name :)

This allows two computers to be networked without the use of a hub or switch.

You would need to install a second network card in your windows XP machine and plug the cross over cable in the second network card and then into your windows 95 computers network card.  You could then setup Internet Connection Sharing on your broadband connection in Windows XP.

So basically you could buy a router or buy another network card and a cross over cable.  They will roughly cost the same amount to purchase so you might as well go with the router.

Author Comment

ID: 9656655
Thanks for the reply. I have managed to share the connection using a proxy server. The problem is that I keep getting disconnected. Also I need to connect to the internet on the XP machine before turning the 95 pc on for it to work. Do you know why this could be?

I'm using AnalogueX Proxy on the XP machine.

I will probably end up getting a router due to this so thanks for explaining how it would work, I've printed this of.

Thanks again, Acsell

Author Comment

ID: 9656737
p.s. I only get disconnected on the 95 machine. The connection comes back when I restart the pc.
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Expert Comment

ID: 9657089
Its probably a combination of using the proxy software along with Windows 95.  Windows 95 is not able to reconnect network connections on the fly like Windows 2000 and XP.  You wouldn't have that issue with a router as the Internet would always be on at the router...

When you do purchase the router, if you need help setting it up, post a new question and I or another "expert" :) will assist if you run into any problems...


Author Comment

ID: 9657938
I am getting a better connection over the proxy with the opera browser but I do think a router is a better option so I'll look into it. I'm also looking at getting another pc so I will probably need a router anyway.

Thanks alot for your help, I appreciate it.


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