Validate XML with external DTD *w/o* DOCTYPE reference in XML file

I would like to be able to have an XML string as follows:


I have defined a DTD for this string which I will be getting via a web service. Now I want to validate this string against my local DTD file and also override any DOCTYPE references that anyone may choose to put in the XML string (they can't if they use my client but if someone malicious gets authenticated and tries something no one has thought of, there is a potential for this web service to compromise a lot of information)

I hope you understand what I mean here.

Basically I want something like this (pseudo-code):

oXML = LoadXML(sXML);
oXML.ValidatingDTD(new FileStreamReader(myLocalDTDFile));
if (oXML.Validate())
... allow ...
  throw exception ("You bastard, you didnt use my client");
end if

I would prefer examples in C#

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sohail_somaniAuthor Commented:
Take a look at Terimber XML parser
hi sohail, i was just searching the google and came across your article .. would you be able to post one more post on this ? i've an external xml file which i'm trying to validate using an external dtd. the xml file does not have the doctype reference.

System.Xml.XmlTextReader r;
r= new XmlTextReader("C:\\MyFolder\\Product.xml");
System.Xml.XmlValidatingReader v= new  XmlValidatingReader(r);
v.ValidationType=System.Xml.ValidationType.Schema;  //options: none, dtd, auto, xdr
v.ValidationEventHandler += new ValidationEventHandler(MyValidationEventHandler);
while (v.Read())


and it's giving me an error. appreciate your help

- malhar
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sohail_somaniAuthor Commented:

I wrote a static class based on an answer I found from somewhere (I dont remember where)Here is what I did:

public class XmlValidator
      static bool IsValid = true;

      private static void CallBack(object sender, ValidationEventArgs args)
            if (args.Severity==XmlSeverityType.Error)
                  IsValid = false;

               // dtdinfo[0] = doctype name
               // dtdinfo[1] = path to dtd
               // note: dtdinfo is ignored if validation type is not dtd
      public static bool Validate(object Xml, string ValidatorPath,ValidationType vt,string[] dtdInfo)
            XmlTextReader x =null;
            XmlValidatingReader v=null;
            Console.WriteLine("Validator is a " + vt + " located at " + ValidatorPath);
            if (vt==ValidationType.None)
                  throw new XmlValidationException(ValidatorException.IllegalValidationType);
            IsValid = true;

                  if (Xml is StringReader) x = new XmlTextReader((StringReader)Xml);
                  else if (Xml is String) x = new XmlTextReader(new StringReader((string)Xml));

                  if (vt==ValidationType.DTD)
                        XmlParserContext pc = new XmlParserContext(null,null,dtdInfo[0],"",dtdInfo[1],"",dtdInfo[1],"",
                        v = new XmlValidatingReader(x.ReadOuterXml(),XmlNodeType.Element,pc);
                        v = new XmlValidatingReader(x);
                        v.ValidationType = vt;
                        v.Schemas.Add(null,new XmlTextReader(new StreamReader(ValidatorPath)));
                  while (v.Read());
                  if (v!=null)v.Close();
                  if (x!=null)x.Close();
            return IsValid;
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