Combo Box in Tree View Control

Hi Folks -

Does anyone have any familiarity with putting combo boxes in treeview controls...?  Basically I want to have a certain node that, when clicked to expand, displays a combobox.  Can this be done in Access (I know it can be done in VB)  I was playing around with an ActiveX Control (Microsoft ImageComboBox Control 6.0) That seems to be something like this but I don't have any familiarity with this...

Also - anyone know of a good reference for ActiveX controls and where to find out about how to code for them?

Thanks in Advance,
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Where do you want to display this combo box and why?

I strongly recommend that you avoid using the ImageCombo - last time I tried to use it I found it to be a buggy piece of rubbish that Microsoft should be pretty ashamed of (try selecting text in the text box part using the mouse).  Do you need a combo box with images in it?  If not then how is the ComboBox in Access differentl to the one in VB that s causing you problems here?
Kevin_SAuthor Commented:
I want to display the combo box in the actual Tree View control on my form.  In theory, I want to have certain nodes in the treeview that, when clicked, make a combo box appear next to them that the user can select items from.  I tried to simply use a regular combo box and put it on top of the treeview but when I view the treeview in form view the combo is not longer visible (I haven't altered its properties in any way).  I figured that this was caused by the treeview having the focus and, subsequestly, hiding the combo box but I cant set the focus to the combo or anything...

Any tips/thoughts as to how to achieve the desired result?

Gotcha.  You could put the combo box in a sub form.  I think the subform, unlike the combo box, will stay on top of the tree view - bit like putting an unwindowed control (such as a Label) into a PictureBox in VB.

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Kevin_SAuthor Commented:
Nope. Just tried both a subform, command button, and listbox on the treeview and all of them went away!~)

Any other ideas..?
Subform works for me (the others don't).  I'm using Access 2002 - what are you using?
Kevin_SAuthor Commented:
MrRobin -

The subform does indeed work (I was a little *Fuzzy*yesterday) so this will work for my needs...

Thanks for the help :)
No problem!  Glad I could help.  Good luck with your crazy tree view/combo box thang!

Kind regards,

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