I need a formula to return data for the month based on week ending criteria


I have a query that is based on date criteria.  For example if someone enters the date 10/12/03 it will bring all records from 1/1/2000 - 10/12/03.  I would like to create a formula so if someone enters a date, it will bring records for that month.  For example if someone enters the date 10/12/03 records will show for the month of October.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!
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If you are using sql server ..

create proc test (@datex datetime)

select * from yourtable
where month(yourdatefield ) = month(@datex)
and year(yourdatefield ) = year(@datex)

then ..

exec test '2003-10-01' --will give you all information for this month/year

smiethAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I should have included that information.  I'm using Access 2000.
Try this:

Select * From myTable Where Format([myField],"MMM-YY") = Format ([Please Enter Date Format MM/DD/YYYY],"MMM_YY");

This will help you


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It should be:

Select * From myTable Where Format([myField],"MMM-YY") = Format ([Please Enter Date Format MM/DD/YYYY],"MMM-YY");

Sorry for type error


smiethAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

I don't think that I explained what I need to do correctly.  I have a query that is already based on date criteria.  I need to setup a formula within that query that will show the hours for the month selected.   So if they enter 10/30/03 for the criteria, the formula will know to bring the hours field over for those hours based on the month of October.  I hope that makes sense.


select datediff("h","01/" & month(@dateparm) & "/" & year(@dateparm),myfield)
 from myTable

I think that is the thing which u r looking for.

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smiethAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Your formula got me back on track.  I used a modified version and it worked perfectly.
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