text in a table cell that overflows into another cell

How can I have text flow into another cell when the first cell is "full?" In other words, I want to set a certain width and length for a TD cell and when the content of that cell exceeds the space to hold it, the content will spill over into another cell.
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Can I ask why you're doing this - from a layout perspective?
kevcole2Author Commented:
I have a blog using Blogger.com and in the Archives it has all the dates one after the other all the way down the page, ie:


and so forth

I want it to flow into a column next to it so that the page doesnt' scroll, at least as much.
Do you need this to happen automatically - or are you inserting the dates manually:

In other words - can you set it up like this?

<div style="float:left; width:200px;">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td width="100%"><b>2002</b><br>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_02_03_kevincole_archive.html">02/03/2002 - 02/09/2002</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_02_10_kevincole_archive.html">02/10/2002 - 02/16/2002</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_02_24_kevincole_archive.html">02/24/2002 - 03/02/2002</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_03_03_kevincole_archive.html">03/03/2002 - 03/09/2002</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_03_10_kevincole_archive.html">03/10/2002 - 03/16/2002</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_04_14_kevincole_archive.html">04/14/2002 - 04/20/2002</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2002_04_21_kevincole_archive.html">04/21/2002 - 04/27/2002</a><br></div>
<div style="float:left; width:200px;">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td width="100%"><b>2003</b><br>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_02_16_kevincole_archive.html">02/16/2003 - 02/22/2003</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_02_23_kevincole_archive.html">02/23/2003 - 03/01/2003</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_03_16_kevincole_archive.html">03/16/2003 - 03/22/2003</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_04_13_kevincole_archive.html">04/13/2003 - 04/19/2003</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_04_27_kevincole_archive.html">04/27/2003 - 05/03/2003</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_05_25_kevincole_archive.html">05/25/2003 - 05/31/2003</a><br></div>
    <div class="archive"><a href="2003_06_01_kevincole_archive.html">06/01/2003 - 06/07/2003</a><br></div>
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kevcole2Author Commented:
It needs to happen automatically.

All I get for the archives is:

<Blogger><div class="archive">
      <a href="<$BlogArchiveLink$>"><$BlogArchiveName$></a><br>

In other words, I need something that says "hey the length of this TR is only supposed to be 500pixels, but the data is enough for 600pxs. Let's put that last 100pxs worth of information in the next column over."

The more I think about this, the more it seems impossible. But I swear I read a tutorial on this once but just cannot find it again for the life of me.
Maybe you want something like:

  style="width: 500px; overflow: visible;">
You probably have a couple of options:

Create a scrolling div to hold the list:

<div class="date">Archives</div>
<div style="height: 200px; width:500px; overflow: auto;">
  <a href='<$BlogArchiveURL$>'><$BlogArchiveName$></a>

I believe the updated Blogger version allows you to post the archive links directly on your home page. Using this, you can change your frquency to display archives by month, instead of by week.

Here's an example that uses this setup:
as dorwad said: overflow:visible  is what you want, more reliable would be  overflow:scroll
you can't overflow text into another cell...yet. its being implemented in CSS 3 and is gonna be pretty nice. the only other alternative is using javascript, but that would be big and bad
kevcole2Author Commented:
how big and bad?

thanks for the w3 link.

well the basic rundown on it would be something like this...
you have your text, on load, you'd have to check the cell's  height, and if it excedes what you wan't you'd take the innerHTML and split it, and then create a new div/cell and add what you cut from the first thing and put it in there.

now that i think about it tho, i don't think it'd work because you have the <%...%> tag there instead of the full thing.

i don't want to think about it, just seems painful especially the multi-columns in css to come soon, maybe next generation of browsers?
Hi kevcole2,

I noticed you updated your page to the new blogger version that let's you display your archives on the home page - do you need any more asisstance with this?

kevcole2Author Commented:
No I'm happy with it now, thanks for asking georgemarian. Who gets the points since there really wasn't an answer for this one?
If there were ne solutions, post a request in Community Support to have them refund the points to you. They'll post a message here just to make sure it's okay with everyone... I can also do this for you if you like.
(Sorry, I thought you had updated the blogger page as per my suggestion to get rid of the separate archives page...)

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