How do I perform a PNG to EPS CMYK convertion on a complex image that doesn't end up with white blobs appearing?

I'm making a site for a friend in Flash MX and I need to convert some complex images he's sent me from PNG format to EPS CMYK, I've tried using a number of different programs to do this and Vector Eye has been the most succesful, but with the more complex images, it results in them coming out with white blobs in them, which looks worse than the pixalation I'm trying to avoid.  How can I avoid these white blobs, or even get a conversion using some other method that doesn't result in them at all?

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? What programs have you tried?

I have found CorelDraw to be very useful in converting graphic types. Also, Adobe Illustrator could be very useful, as they are the originators for the EPS File format. Keep in mind to, PNG is a Raster Format, and EPS is a Vector format, though EPS can embed Raster Images. I also seem to remember some programs prevented users from going RGB to CMYK, but would allow you to go CMYK to RGB. The CMYK colors are mainly used for those graphic folks sending output to process printers. I have worked in tandem with graphic artist. I am mostly a systems guy. If you would like to send me one of your files, I will try several programs I have to make the conversion, then tell you the results.

Also, you may find some helpful information at the PNG home page.


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Why are you using CMYK? Flash uses RGB, not CMYK. It also should import the PNG format directly.

PNG isn't raster, not if it's Fireworks (is it?). If it's Photoshop, it might be, but I doubt he's giving you PNG from Pshop.

Ask him how he's creating the files. ANd don't convert to CMYK. You don't need to.
One last thing --
If this is a SITE, you most definitely DO NOT want CMYK. THat is a strictly PRINT color space. ALL web work is RGB. EVERYTHING for display is RGB.
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Liam2k3Author Commented:
Well, I'm getting the pictures from my friend who wants me to make the site, these pictures have been made in photoshop and converted to png's.  The reason for CMYK is that it was the pallet that the first raster to vector program I tried converted to, and it imported to Flash MX 2004 fine, and when I tried importing, standard EPS files it didn't.  I doubt this is to do with the pallet, but I just knew that CMYK's worked.  Is there just any program that would convert complex raster's to a EPS format compatable with Flash MX 2004, without distortion.

Your best bet would probably be Illustrator or perhaps Macromedia Freehand, if exporting to eps directly is not possible you may try to export to pdf (but not from Photoshop) and try opening them up in Illustrator.
Open Illustrator, Place your Image (File Menu -> Place) Then Save As, Selecting
EPS with the CMYK option Checked. You can turn off the Thumbnail, and Turn off
the Preview Option to make the file smaller. And After doing a few test, I've
found that changing to CMYK also changes the colors of your document. I used a
Side by side Comparison.

Here is a Sample

I created a gradient image in RGB format using Paint Shop Pro, Then Saved it as
a TIF file in RGB format. Then Resaved the File in TIF using CMYK. The EPS File
shows the Gradient, and shows how the colors changed.

I would suggest reviewing the content with your friend to determine if CMYK is
Necessary. If CMYK is necessary then you need the original documents that are in
CMYK. There is no way to avoid the changes in colors from RGB to CMYK. The 2
color pallets are different enough that you will loose accurate colors in any
conversion. One possible software I have not test, and may not be sure of the
exact spelling, Image Alchemy. I used this with great success for file
conversions in the passed ( 6 years ago, old Command line App then) The
Specialize in perfecting the conversion options for many Raster and Vector Image
types, and the have a special version that includes Postscript File Types. As
Adobe needs license fees and all. I hope this helps you get to some result that
you and your friend can live with.

The web is RGB. NOT CMYK. THERE IS NO NEED TO CONVERT TO CMYK. Not only is it not necessary, it's a SMALLER colorspace than RGB, and the colors will shift DRAMATICALLY.

Tell him to send the original Photoshop files, and NOT to try to convert them to PNG, which is NOT a good format for Photoshop. JPG would be fine, actually it might be the best option.
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