Routing between 2 networks + Interweb access.

Ok this is the scenario. At the moment I have 2 separate physical networks, they are as listed: -

These IP Ranges cannot be changed. My users and other pc devices sit on the network. The internet gateway is also located on this network. The network was put in place before my time and hosts a UNIX application server and multiple medical insturments.

What currently is happening is that I have a Win2k server sitting in between the network and the network acting as a router.  I would love to replace this with some sort of physical router so that when I reboot the 2k server all my users don't lose access to thier main course of work.

What I'm looking for here:

1. I want a suggestion as far as what hardware I should choose. I'd love it to have a gui if possible, though I know cisco doesn't and if that's the consensus on what's best I would be more than happy to choose them.
2. Any and all tips on how to set it up, or tell me if I should be moving in a diffrent direction.
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NicBreyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then what you could do, is to leave the current 1600 and firewall as is. Whatever router you get goes between the 2 internal networks. Set default gateway of PC's and all systems to the new router address and add a default route on the new router that points to the 1600.
This will route all traffic to a destination other than the 2 local networks to the internet 1600 router.
Cisco is definately my favourate router and if you decide to go that route, I would suggest a 1720 with a WIC-1ENET LAN card.
How do you connect to the internet at the moment??  Maybe you can put the router to use there as well ...
DarkHoundAuthor Commented:
At the moment we have a Cisco 1600 series connecting to a full T-1 line that we aren't able to touch untill somtime early next year (long story but it's owned by a different software vendor at the moment) and sitting behind that we have a Pix 506 which is used for the same software vendor for a site to site vpn.

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll do a little research on it.
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Is the other vendor going to remove the router and firewall next year??
DarkHoundAuthor Commented:
No it becomes ours, we just aren't allowed access yet.
DarkHoundAuthor Commented:
Well I had hoped to to hear more alternatives, but I believe that the solution provided by NicBrey will work.

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