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Win2000 Server: Internet Email Server, how know if using & Port Forwarding?

Posted on 2003-10-29
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-14
I am extremely new to Win 2000 server.  I've started doing some support work for someone who has a Win 2000 Server.  I know very liitle about the server and no one else there does either (their IT person left).  They are switching over their BellSouth DSL internet service to Spirit Telecom DSL.  They told the Spirit Telecom rep. to call me about any questions he had in order to get them set up.  Here's one question he asked me:
1.) Are they using an Internet Email Server and does it use Port Forwarding.  If yes, about the Email Server, then Port Forwarding will have to enabled, also if yes they need to know the Internet IP address?
a.) How do I find out if Internet Email Server is being used?  Is this something that is built into Win 2000 Server.  I always thought that you had to have a separate program like Exchange?
b.) What is Port Forwarding and how is it enabled?
c.) I take it their is probably a static IP address if they are using an INternet Email Server.  What's the best way to find this out.
I am a real novice when it comes to Win2000 Server, as you can probably tell by my question :-).
Thanks for your help
Joe B.
Question by:JoeBoyd
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Accepted Solution

graemeboro earned 1200 total points
ID: 9646478
I would ask two questions on this

1. Do your users have internal email?  If yes what server do they log in to to get at this email.  You can look at the Outlook settings (or other email client if something else) to see if the server name is the server you are reffering to.

2. To establish you Internet IP address you probably need to be checking the routers external interface address.  This is usually the address used to connect to the Internet.  This is unless you are using the server as a router.  An internet IP address in one which is not private.
Private address ranges are etc.

I hope this gives you a start.  For the mail issue if the users are pointing at your server you can get all email details by going:-
type mmc for microsoft management console.
Then from the actions menu in the top coner choose add/remove snapins
Click Add
choose Internet information Services
In there will be details of any SMTP servers (i.e mail servers)

You could give these details to your new service provider.

Good Look


Author Comment

ID: 9646760
Thanks for the quick answer.  
1.) You gave me something to look at.  I don't know the answer to this.  Good question.  I know they have internet email because their email address does have their company name and they have a website.  I think their current ISP, BellSouth DSL, is maintaining their domain name and website.

1.a) So, Win 2000 Server does have a built in email server service then?  

2.) If it turns out that we are using an internal internet email server, then by getting the details about the SMTP server like you laid out above, will show me the IP address.  They are now using a Cayman 8500 router, so what you are saying is that this router has a permanent IP address?  Would the Internet Email Server on Win2000 Server also have to have a static IP address?  Sorry if I seem a little dense about all this.

3.)  Do you know what he's talking about regarding this Port Forwarding that would need to be enabled if we are using an internal internet email server?

Thanks again,

Assisted Solution

svenkarlsen earned 300 total points
ID: 9650553
1. port forwarding: I would hazard a guess that they are talking about supplying the router pre-configured with 1 fixed public IP address. Then it is common practice to route ingoing traffic based on the requested port, but it's more normally known as 'port mapping'.

What happens is, someone outside hits e.g. port 25 on the router and the router then opens a tunnel to a selected internal IP-address, - i.e. your mail-server.

If this is correct, you hould supply the ISP with the IP-address used by the mail-server.

2. Win 2000 server does feature a mail-server, but it is only an SMTP-server, so if the users have e-mail, they will probably only be using it for outbound mail.

Instead, go to one of the users mail client (Outlook?) and check the setup, - that will give you all the information about their current mail implementation
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Expert Comment

ID: 9650630

I think the eaisiest answer to your question is to obtain your service details from your current ISP.  If they are hosting your web and email services for you they should supply you with your ip address details and details of what they are hosting and on what server.

By the sound of what you are saying it seems that you do not have an internal email server running.  Although as I have mentiond previously and like svenkarlesen says check an outlook client to see what server name/ip address it is pointing at to gather more information.

I would also print the configuration of your router and give this along with the other info to your ISP.  

hope this helps

Author Comment

ID: 9652090
Thanks for the feedback!  I appreciate this.
I went over there this morning and did some checking:
Background info:  they said that BellSouth DSL is hosting their website and their website is
In MS Outlook|Account Properties|Servers I found this
    Incoming (POP3):
    Outgoing (SMTP):
From the looks of this I don't think they have an Internet Email Server set up internally?

QUICK FOLLOWUP QUESTION: I noticed on my personal email account settings on my PC I have a "mail." in front of my domain name for the POP3, thus it's like this "" and for the SMTP I have "".  Why is it then that they don't have this mail. and smtp. prefix in their server names.  Do you have to have these or can you go either way.  I mean if you don't have them is it "understood" like a default?

I also did the MMC like graemeboro suggested in his or her first answer.  Under the Tree tab there was only one entry, a folder named Console Root.  Double clicking on it and nothing comes up; looks empty.  I also tried the add/remove snapins like you suggested but I couldn't find IIS in the list of things to add, and I didn't see it already added either.

I also went into Compuer Management,under Services/Applications|Services - on right pane no SMTP running, no IIS running.  I looked under Admin tools and nothing was listed to indicate IIS.  I also didn't see MS Exchange installed on this system.

Based on all this, I made the determination that there is no Internet Email Server.  Agree?

Thanks again,


Expert Comment

ID: 9652330
Yes from what you have said if IIS has not been installed and you have checked this out it all seems to be run externally.  For your follow up question, SMTP and POP3 protocols are usually set on your mail server, or in this case the external one.

From the information you has posted though it seems your PC is pointing at a different domain i.e all others point at and yours is ?  If this is an old domain the service provider may be use domain re-direction.

One final point It was his comments as in I am Graeme from Middlesbrough.  Sad I know but hey!


Author Comment

ID: 9652409
Hi Graeme.  I'm Joe from Charleston SC (actually Mt. Pleasant - right across the river).  You are really helpful and I appreciate it.  
Just for clarification:  The domain I'm pointing at is a different one for sure.  I was only using it as an example; my system and the system I'm working on are completely unrelated.  It's just that the way I'm set up with my ISP I have to put this "mail." and "smtp." in from of my doman name in my email properties|servers tab.  But, this other system I'm working with they didn't have to use the "mail." and "smtp." and I was just wondering why.   We both have websites hosted with an ISP off site, BUT, they are different ISPs.  I guess this makes the difference?  So I guess this is a followup to my followup - what's the deal with these "prefixes" - does it depend on the ISP?  Is there a standard?  Could it be either way: with or without the "mail." for example?

I guess if I wasn't running externally but had some kind of mail server setup it would have showed up in something I was looking at?

Thanks again!!

Expert Comment

ID: 9652696

Yes the prefixis do depend on the ISP.  For example I have my outlook client set up for NTLWORLD and this doesnt have such a prefix.  I also run a local community website for the village I used to live in.  I have email with them and require these prefixes on my outlook settings.

As far as I am aware this is down to the servers they are running.  I think my village web host is using Linux servers.  This is through a company called  

Hope this is useful


Author Comment

ID: 9652840
Yes, extremely helpful!  Thanks Graeme.  Your help has been great and I especially like how quickly you respoded.  Thanks!
I will probably go ahead and award the points now.

Author Comment

ID: 9652878
Thanks both of you.  I split the points.  You both helped.
Graemeboro: you answered the quickest and did all the follow-ups and you answered the main part of my question.  
Svenkarlsen: You helped with the port forwarding thing.
I appreciate all your help.

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