Installing a new network adapter (3Com or Realtek) in a Novell 4.11 server

I have a netware server that need the network card replaced.  What are the steps neccessary to install the new network adapter and where do I look to configure the IP settings, subnet, etc.  
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Just so you know, NetWare v4.11 is a VERY OLD version of NetWare. Something like 8 years old or so. It is no longer supported by Novell.

Also, there's not much point loading IP on NetWare v4.11. While that old version of NetWare can support TCP/IP for use by applications such as GroupWise or the NetWare Web Server, it does not support NCP (NetWare Core Protocol, the protocol that provides file and print services) over TCP/IP. So unless you're running GroupWise or the NetWare Web Server on this machine, TCP/IP is not going to do you much good.

NetWare started supporting NCP over TCP/IP with version 5.0 in 1999. The current version of NetWare is v6.5. Have you considered upgrading?

So, assuming that you're replacing an existing card and that we're dealing only with IPX, let's take a look at this. First, you have to identify WHERE the NIC configuration statements are located. They could be in SYS:SYSTEM\AUTOEXEC.NCF, so look in there. You're looking for statements which may look *like* this:


Now, if you find those statements, and they are preceeded by a "#", and there are no other statements in there that look like that and aren't preceeded by a "#", then what's happened is someone has used the INETCFG tool to manage the server's network configuration. Let me know if that is the case.

Assuming it is not, you merely have to replace the existing NIC driver load (the first line) with the proper statement for the new NIC. Don't forget to copy the new NIC's drivers to SYS:SYSTEM, and make sure that the new NIC actually supports this very old version of NetWare. The exact details of the driver LOAD statement will vary depending on the NIC and its driver software - refer to the product documentation.

If you use the same logical NAME for the new driver, then you do not have to alter the IPX binding statement.

Without more detailed information regarding your situation, its hard to be more specific than this.

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After replacing the NIC you then should run a DSREPAIR to change the MAC address pointers in NDS, IIRC.
PsiCop, what about NFS services? Doesn´t that need IP? ;-)
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To answer for PsiCop - yes, NFS services uses IP.  You will need both the IP and IPX load/bind stuff to be changed to match the new NIC.
If he's using NFS services, yes, IP would need to be bound. But we don't KNOW what he's running because he hasn't bothered to tell us yet. So instead of blindly guessing, I wrote about what I KNOW has to be changed.
I know.  Don't holler on me...  I might cry.  ;)
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Comment because I am installing a 3com into a 4.10 system and it ain't listening to me at the moment.

Don't the LAN drivers get copied into the c:\nwserver folder or wherever the server file is located in the DOS partition rather than SYS:SYSTEM folder?
Yes, dbrunton, that is where the LAN drivers are generally copied.  That is not, however, where the LAN drivers are configured.  What PsiCop said earlier - either in autoexec.ncf or by using inetcfg.nlm.  But also, as PsiCop said, we can't know where ntelligent needs to look, much less whether he has a need for any protocols other than IPX, until we get more information.  

Since IPX uses the MAC address of the NIC, and the addresses of the servers are stored in NDS, like I said, it is also likely that a DSREPAIR has to be run to "fix" the server's network information in NDS.
In my experience, NIC drivers get put in BOTH C:\NWSERVER and SYS:SYSTEM. Same for disk drivers.
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