I am looking for some e-commerce advise. I have a customer who wants me to setup an e-commerce site for them. I have only done one small site using the paypal shopping cart which worked ok. I am just wondering what other options are there? The company is a shoe store which already is in business and has a credit card machine at there store. So what I am not sure of is how do there process credit card orders. I am assuming paypal is good for someone without a merchant account but what about someone who already can accept credit cards. Can they use something to do real time processing of the credit card? Can they setup a secure site and take the credit card info and run it through there machine? I am not to sure about the best way to do this. I am in Canada if that makes a difference who they can use. They also have on there web hosting account Agora Shopping Cart and Interchange Shopping Cart.

Thanks Onestar
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That question doesn't exactly have anything to do with php....so why did you post that question here?
Hey onestar,
PHP has some credit card authorization packages, if you're running linux.  Check out the MCVE section of the manual:


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onestarAuthor Commented:

Sorry, The reason I posted it here I guess because I am going to be doing the e-commerce site using php so I wanted to know what other php deveolopers where using. I also figured some of the experts that read this thread would of done a e-commerce site and would be able to give me some advice.

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I haven't tried the MCVE functions, but I've used authorize.net to authorize credit card payments.  MCVE gets rid of the middleman, though (supposedly).

You should contact their credit card authorization company and see if they have any online API for generating authorizations, if MCVE doesn't work out.
No need to be sorry, just asked so that i could help you.

I agree with shmert, most of the information would come from their cc auth company. Then you can post back with what you have found out and then one of us could give you a script for your specific needs.
I have setup few e-commerce websites using verisign payflow pro.  Verisign payflow pro has a very good reputation. Also PHP provides packages for payflow pro. see http://www.php.net/pfpro It is a little pricy(around 700 CDN for SSL certificate and setup fee), but it is definitely the best one. Also verisign offers low transaction fee.

Hope it helps.
onestarAuthor Commented:
thanks i will check it out
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