connecting headset(has 2 plugs) at soundcard

i connect the headset with red and green at soundcard,when i put on my speakers and the headset ,i get a reel annoying beepingsound from out speakers,what went wrong,do i need only red or green to use or both?
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make sure that you set the volumes very low at first...

how many outputs does the sound card have?
if your soundcard provides line out as well as speaker out, connect the headphone to lineout.

it is also possible that you have connected speakers into mic and vice versa....does the connectors have labels/logo to indicate which is speaker and mic?
poezzAuthor Commented:
soundcard pci 512 has 3 outputs;red for use offmicrofoon, green for speakers also for speakers etc.the connectors are labeled and also colored,so not much can go wrong there i guess.i did the following;i connected mu speakerset to soundcard in green( output  for speakers)with that i used a splitter,so that contains the green from speaker and the green one from the headset.the red one from headset i put in red(microfoon in put)
what if you connect directly, instead of connecting through splitter...
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poezzAuthor Commented:
ok,the headset is working the beep isnt there ,but i now have no sound coming out of the speakers.the headset  issue is resolved  i guess.
poezzAuthor Commented:
so is it because i should give more points again,if so,evry question about 1 topic is a questiion?i will be without points in no time then :S
poezzAuthor Commented:
/me is coming vback in 5 minutes...
poezzAuthor Commented:
i should give more points??there it is pffff this is taking me too long sorry
u can ask in this...unless its not different issue
poezzAuthor Commented:
sorry i was impatient the last time...:$

but i did what u suggested and  connected all items directly,the headset now is working,but i have no sound from speakers
Could be feedback between the mike and speakers.  Try plugging in the splitter but not the mike.  if that works, look in your audio controls for a way to mute the mike.
as i told, make sure that the volume controls are not set high....for mic atleast
setting mic volume too high causes such noise to come...reason is the feedback as mentioned above....
poezzAuthor Commented:
revering too: Comment from guynumber5764
Date: 10/30/2003 03:29PM PST

Comment from kiranghag
Date: 10/30/2003 05:57PM PST

so if i understand well,it isnt possible to receive sound from both the speakers and headset at the same time? the headset is now installed the  following: i seperated the 2 cabels,the one with the green plug i put in front of the speaker,the one with the red plug i put in my soundcard.the headset works fine,but from speakers i still here no thing.a friend of mine has it installed the same as i have,and  said he have sound from both,but couldnt not tell me how he did,after install it just worked.

tell me how many round jacks you have at the back of sound card and any possible lable below them
If the problem is feedback, you cannot have the mike and speakers on at the same time (at least not very loud).   Any other combination of headphones, mike or speakers should be fine.  
Hopefully you've managed to solve your problem.  If you have, please close the question, if you haven't just tell us and we'll stay on it.
poezzAuthor Commented:
soundblaster pci 512 round jacks:

line in jack (blue)-->external devices
microphone in jack(red)-->external microphone voice input
line out jack(green)-->powered speakers or external amplifier for audio output
rear out jack (black)-->powred speakers or external amplifier for audio output
Have you tried running it with just the red jack (mike) unplugged?

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poezzAuthor Commented:
well i have both headset and  speakers attached,when i slowly increase the volume from both mike and speakers,i got good hearing,and they can hear me as well,so this means that i am pleased with how it is .no more input needed.thanks to you ve been a great help .   poezz  :)
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