connecting switch 3550 to firewall

 I have 2 network connecting to centreal switch 3550
first network has switch (2950) at ip mask  gateway
secound network switch (2950) at ip mask  gateway 160.16..211.1

they are both connect to central switch  3550  ip mask
switch is set to ip routing

port 1 of 3550 ip set to   (wich connect to network1)
port 2 of 3550 ip set to   (wich connect to network2)

Now I want to connect pix firewall 515 to 3550 to protect from a 3 network comming into outside interface of firewall.
(pix inside interface ip of mask
(pix ouside interface ip of  mask (uncertain of this ...this is what was given to me)

I am uncertain of what gateway to give to central 3550 switch
in order to direct traffic wich is not destin for 160.16.209. and  160.16.211 to go to firewall

I guess i want to know if i should give gateway of central switch 3550  to ip of firewall and give gateway of inside interface of firewall to ip of central switch

Or do I creat a port on central switch  for example port 3 give it an ip of  and connect the firewall to it. give central switch gateway of  and also give gateway of firewall inside to

Or am I completly lost??
Should I be looking at creating VLAN instead? pros and cons to Vlan?
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td_milesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You posted this same question in the firewalls area. Do you want me to answer it here as well ?
You will find that the same people who read the firewall questions also read the router questions, due to the fact that they are very similar questions usually and there is a large overlap between the two topics. So crossposting will not gain you a larger audience.

jerbellAuthor Commented:
ok I will delete it from here.
I wasen't realy sure where it should reside
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