Looping Records from Database in HTML Email Notification ASP page

The following piece of code is the only part I can't get to work in my shopping cart email notification. I am trying to pull the items in the cart table of an Access database and submit it in the email with HTML format.

Can anyone see what I am missing here?
Any help will be greatly apreciated.
You may need to copy the code and paste in an editor to see the format.


HTML = HTML &"<tr bordercolor=""#C9C0AB"" bgcolor=""#FFFFFF"">"
HTML = HTML &"<td><div align=""center"">"& cRS("Ctquantity") & "</div></td><td><div align=""center"">" & cRS("Ctsize") & "</div></td><td><div align=""center"">"& cRS("Ctcolor") &"</div></td><td><div align=""center"">"& cRS("Ctembroideropt")&"</div></td><td><div align=""center"">"& cRS("Ctproductname") &"</div></td><td><div align=""right"">"& cRS("Ctproductprice") &"</div></td><td><div align=""right"">"& lineTotal & vbCrLf &"</div></td>"
HTML = HTML &"</tr>"

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sometimes it might be usefull to do


before any access to .eof or .recordcount.
this might look strange, but i collided once with the circumstance that .recordcount was 0 in my app when the recordset was opened, and so .eof was true, i think i remember, althought there were records in the set. with this sniplet i got it to work.

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Well since i dont have the rS at my place i substuted it with text. the asp code has no error. can you plese tell me what error you are facing?

You can try:

Do until  cRS.EOF

If that work you ADO stuff is allright.

Change the string HTML to sHTML

And change " to '  like this
HTML = HTML &"<td><div align=""center"">"& cRS("Ctquantity") & "</div></td><td><div align=""center"">" & cRS("Ctsize")
to this:
sHTML = sHTML & "<td><div align='center'>" & cRS("Ctquantity").value & "</div></td><td><div align='center'>" & cRS("Ctsize").value

Also note that some places you have  (&") without spaces put in a space as needed  (& ").

If it still dont work you might have the name on one of your columns misspellt.
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besides this if the property value doesnt have a space you can ignore the quotes. quotes are needed when the property value has spaces.
one more thing is then you dont need div tag you can specify the alignment in the td tag

pls check for NULL values in the result set. one of the fields must be returning a null value.
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Regards SNilsson
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