Online system vs Real time system

I would like to know the exact difference between on line system and real time system and also the difference between multiprogramming and multiprocessing
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Looks like homework question.....

You may want to get help from search engines


Violating the guidelines for academic honesty or other unethical behavior, it is allowable to help a student with a project, but not doing it for them.

Have a check here

Recomment you as sunray_2003 said try to have a search in the internet like

A google search just lists them and lets you pick
maheshmandaveAuthor Commented:
I got the difference betn multiprogramming and multiprocessing but still struggling for getting difference between online system amd real time system
In multiprogramming several programs run at the same time on a single processor.
In multiprocessing different processor work on the same program simultaneously.

In multi programming there is no true simeltaneous execution of the programs which is in case of multiprocessing.

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There, you answered you own question. Try a search engine for more info/details, it's not too difficult to do. EE is for the IT community to help one another solve problems, not to help people do their homework. Serious breach could lead to your account being suspended.
Please post a request under Community Support to have this question deleted.
I agree with paullamhkg first comment/sentence.

I disagree with giving up on it, but mainly because I don't know. I've studied, I've worked with realtime, and I doubt 90% of the results anyone would get would be very good. But I have no idea of what they are asking about for "online". Printers can be online, but not OS. I can read email offline, but not realtime. I think I don't want to google up an answer, not wanting to know myself what kind of a question it is.  The multi-**** question is an all too common question, and usually longer.

So for the 2nd Q I'd agree to let user try it on first. For the 1st one, I think some helpful hints may be in order, and permitted, especially since the asker has demonstrated own attempts to get answers, and is having both successes and failures. Maybe this is about IM, Instant Messaging?  One prob. with homework is, that if we did not attend the class we do not know what the handouts were, or what is expected. Another is, that the one making up the HW question doesn't have the real world experience to know some of the 'answer' possibilities.  We we do best when we make do, help a little here and there and come up with workarounds.
(I surely can't be this bored..) OK, I tried a google. Here's a quick hit:
Very educational-ly written, words like library, teaching, and about chat.
If that doesn't muddy up the answer to the original question, then I am more confused than I'd thought.

So I'll repeat, I think a little help is in order, and that the asker has demonstrated you do not need to do it all, to do all the work, and that, I still fear I don't really want to know the answer.  This should be OS Q, but in addition to chat, they may be addressing credit reports or something.  I'll start it, that realtime is "now", and nothing else is. Windows is not a realtime OS, but you'll get different answers about that from their own webpages, eventually agreeing.

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Here's a thought..

These questions about multitasking and realtime have been raised in EE so many times before, how about someone else skip the googler, and search the EE base for the prior questions, list some that deal OK with the part about "realtime" and then let asker do the work of reviewing the thread(s) and then the rest will all shake-out. And ...           ;-)
if the comments include a good one from a SunBow, then make it a better grade or at least use a yellow highlighter on one <snicker>
Agree with SunBow,
just a couple for the record (lot's of mixing apples and oranges here...):

maheshmandave did NOT answer his/her own question.
Multiprogramming and multiprocessing has in general nothing to do
with the concepts of online and real-time.

Maheshmandave, I would also suggest that you revisit the concepts
of multiprogramming and multiprocessing (if this is part of your homework
as well....)

Enjoy your research :-)

Cheers, Bjorn
maheshmandave never said that multi-*** had anything to do with online & realtime. He just mentioned that he wasn't sure what was the difference between online/realtime. He did answer his own question about multi-*** to some extent. So that goes to show that he understands what he's asking.

That aside, I re-emphasize that EE is set up for people to exchange solutions/resolutions on everyday IT related issues. It is not a place for people to answer your homework. This you have to do yourself.

Besides, comments like those in this question have absolutely no value to IT professionals seeking answers to their questions/problems. No one can stop anyone from answering his question if that person wants to. It's just that when we come into this forum and use it's resources, I believe that we should respect the ground-rules laid by them.
The reason I stated that maheshmandave didn't answer his own question
is that a granted delete request usually refunds the points, and
Sunbow gave some pointers of how to proceed.
>>In multiprogramming several programs run at the same time on a single processor.
In multiprocessing different processor work on the same program simultaneously.
In multi programming there is no true simeltaneous execution of the programs which is in case of multiprocessing.<<

In my opinion this seems to indicate that maheshmandave doesn't really understand
these concepts, hence the suggestion to do some more reading.

As far
>>maheshmandave never said that multi-*** had anything to do with online & realtime<<
OK, I think I misinterpreted the question on that one...

Cheers, Bjorn  

Hi guys

What I suggest is get a search in the internet and find some hints/solutions/the way of do this or that, after a trial/learn/study get any queries/problems, post a question here, most of the EE will give out a hand, even what we are doing now is just give out suggestions base on our technical knowledge, sometime our suggestion may not be the solutions, but at lease we give out the way to/hints, which already helping each others a lots, and we all learning something, am I right?

Best regards,


ps sorry not good in English.
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