Where is the 'unique' property and details about the columns covered by an index stored?

Hello All,

How do I find out wether an index is unique in my sql code? Also, how can I get the names of the columns covered by an index (composite or non-composite) in plain text.

I made a fake unique non clustered index on 2 fields and from enterprise manager when I double click on the index it correctly shows that it is unique and the fields it is set on, but I can't find the table this is stored. I tried looking in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CONSTRAINT_COLUMN_USAGE table but there is no constraint entry there (isn't unique a constraint ?) Also, the closest thing to finding what columns are covered by the index is the 'keys' column in the sysindexes table but that is saved in a binary format which I don't exactly know how to convert to plain text

I have to go now because all this blue font is making me dizzy

And YES... I am smarter than the average bear


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YogiMySonMySonAuthor Commented:
basically my aim is to end up with a way of finding columns covered by an index and wether or not it is unique through Transact-SQL

sp_helpidex 'tablename'

return all the information you need?  Of course, since you are smarter than the average bear (lol), you can insert the results of the procedure into a temp table and use it however you need it...


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Anthony PerkinsCommented:

There is a typo there, it should be:
sp_helpindex 'tablename'

Can you remind me the syntax to insert the data from a stored procedure into a temporary table, I cannot seem to figure it out.  I know it is something like:

Select * Into #Temp From exec sp_helpindex 'tablename'

But that is not right.

As Winnie-the-Pooh would say, "I am a bear with a very small brain"
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Not that easy, you have to create the table first, then issue the insert.

create table blah (

insert into blah
exec sp_helpindex

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
"I see" said the blind man.

YogiMySonMySonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help mate. Sorry I did not reply yesterday, I had to pick someone up.

That's cool.  Wasn't sure if that would do what you needed or not.

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