Running application on MAC

Can anyone tell me how can I run my application on mac machines?
Is there any .net framework or CLR available for mac?

Have a nice day
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Nope. (Thank God).

Unless you want to run it under Virtual PC.

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lj2222Author Commented:
Can you please tell me what is Virtual PC.
It's very important for me to run my application on Mac machines.

Have a nice day
Virtual PC is an emulator that runs under Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X 10.2.3 or later.  It works with a large file on your Mac disk called a Virtual Hard Disk.  The virtual hard disk holds files, stored in Windows format; the files include a real Windows operating system, various Windows programs, and Windows data files.  While Virtual PC is running, it is executing a real Windows operating system from off the virtual hard disk; it does this by loading a Windows operating system off the virtual disk into an area of ram that represents a PC's RAM, and it interprets/translates the instructions meant for a Pentium into an equivalent stream of instructions for the PowerPC processor.  The PowerPC executes these instructions, which modify the RAM image and/or the virtual hard disk, making it appear as though a Windows PC is running on your Mac.

The net result is that you will have a window open on your Mac that looks like a Windows screen.  Within that window, everything works as though you have a Windows computer: you can load and run Windows programs, you can use Windows utilities, you can surf the web using Windows Internet Explorer, etc.  Very likely you can run a .NET application.

There are some limitations:
Speed - since there is a translation step, it cannot be as fast as real Windows hardware.  Speed depends on the speed of your Mac, the amount of cache your Mac has, and the amount of real RAM in your computer (you need 500 MHz G3 w/ 384 Meg RAM, at least).
No 3D video emulation - forget about playing games with it.
No CD burning - use the Mac side for this.
Limited support for I/O devices - in theory, you can use Virtual PC with various USB devices and map COM ports to Mac modems or serial ports; in practice, about the best you can hope for is to get your printer working, most of the time.

On the plus side, it is a pretty faithful Windows implementation, as it should be, because it really is running a copy of Windows.  The Mac-to-Windows integration is pretty good, with drag and drop transfer of files, etc.


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lj2222Author Commented:
Thanks a lot Kurt
I guess this can be a solution for my problem.
Can you please tell me, can I get a trial version of virtual PC so that I can test my application before purchasing the actual product?

If yes, then where is the location and what is the procedure?

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not appear to offer a trial version.

Hate to impose, but I am desperate, I opened

please take a look at this, I really want to buy an apple pc and eliminate my desktop, but I need to be able to continue writing applications, I thought if I got virtual pc for mac that I could, but a fellow has posted that I could write the code, just not run it, meaning build: compile. I need to know if this is try, so please help...........
With Virtual PC you should be able to compile AND run applications in the emulated Windows environment (the only applications that run into problems with Virtual PC are ones that need to access special hardware: drivers, 3-D video, etc).  So far as know, you still can't run any application as a native Mac program without resorting to using Virtual PC.

ok, can u overlook the link I provided; and tell me if the statement that the first person left is true???really appreciate it.
Wish I could, but I refuse to become a paying member.  It used to be one earned points by answering others' questions, which in turn could be used to buy your answers, but they've changed EE so that only cash will do.  Clip and post here, and I will comment.
I am lost, why do u have to be a paying member to go here:
Sorry, I thought that was a previously closed question... closed questions require paying for access.  I personally have not run Visual Studio under Virtual PC, but I have read the experiences of many who have (posted on microsoft.public.mac.virtualpc Google group).  Here's a link to a search on that group:

The consensus view seems to be that Visual Studio will run, albeit very slowly on large projects.  No one mentions an inability to run the debugger; as for sciwriter's assertion that you can't debug because the PowerPC doesn't have Intel registers, I tend to think that he's wrong.  Virtual PC purportedly emulates the actual registers of a Pentium, it doesn't just provide an equivalent OS API.

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