Confused! Accessing other networks


I have set-up two floors of a building with two seperate networks.
 Here's a rough outline:

  Floor 5 - Network: - Has a router with default gateway set to
  Has own router/firewall with IP

  Floor 2 - Network: - Has a router with default gateway set to
  Has own router/firewall with IP

Ground floor comm's room contains the main router and firewall, firewall has the IP and is configured with correct router and ip configuration.  Both floors can surf the web ok and recieve e-mails, etc without any problems.

I've set-up a PC in the basement (with IP so that I can administrate the main firewall ( and routers on the individual floors.  I am not physically at this location so I've set-up VPN on the server to remote dial-in which I can do without any problems.

Anyway, getting to the problem I did (on route add mask metric 1 but can't seem to ping or access the router/firewalls on the seperate floors, I have no problem accessing the main firewall on

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

P.S hopefully this can be done what losing my remote connection as otherwise I'll have to make a trip out of the office!
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What type of internet connection does the building have??  What type of firewall/routers are used here?? Is your dafault gateway set to ??

You should not have add the route on the PC since the router should handle the routing if your default gateway is configured correctly.

There could also be rules on the firewall(s) that does not allow your address through...
Just it can be an error this:

net wich include net

Then, what kind of router on each floor? They would have two network interface, one with lan ip ( and the others, ip of 192.168.100.x network?

Or every router has an owen internet connection and there is any internet connection sharing?

Try to write a schema of your network.
Good point Kubrik...

To make it easy for yourself, keep the subnet masks the same length on both networks.
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How are they connected?   If each floor / network has its own router, what is the route setup for each floor's router, as well as the router attached to the 192.168.100 network in the basement.

How are the PCs set up on each individual floor's network, for default gateway?

It is actually kind of an odd setup you have described.  I can see subnetting between floors, but to have it the way you describe is really unique in my experience.  

At any rate, all of the routers have to talk to each other, and you have to set up some kind of route discovery between them so they all tell each other what is on their network.  The default gateway for the other 2 routers must be the 192.168.100 router.  If your PC in the basement is using the same router as the default gateway as the other 2 routers is, then you should have a route already to the other 2 routers through the 192.168.100 network.

You say you can access the firewall but not the 2 routers on the other floors.  Are you connected to the router in the basement or directly to the firewall?  If you are connected to the 192.168.100 router, and have it as your default gateway, it should be able to present a route to the other 2 routers for you.
Steve JenningsIT ManagerCommented:
Kubrik and NicBrey have given you the solution . . . at least given the info you've listed. You shouldn't ever have to put static routes on a PC if your routing network is configured properly -- Im sure there may be exceptions, I just cant think of any . . . at least in a corporate setting.

If this is a Cisco network running EIGRP, I'd say you probably dont have a "no auto-summary" command in your EIGRP configuration.

Good luck.

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KAbbottAuthor Commented:

Think I maybe should of kept all the floor routers on the same subnet, but this doesn't bother me as I am trying to connect to a router that is on the same subnet as the machine in the ground floor which is

>> What type of internet connection does the building have??  What type of firewall/routers are used here?? Is your dafault gateway set to ??

1MB DSL connection, firewall in ground floor is a Sonicwall Pro 100 connected to lucent cellpipe router, Router/firewall's on floors 2 and 5 are netgear FR114P's configured with IP's (5th floor) and (2nd floor).  Both default gateway's on the routers are point to the firewall in the ground floor (

The reason I did this was so that from the sonicwall firewall I regulate bandwidth (via IP) using the rules with the sonicwall firewall.  I've checked the rules on the Sonicwall and theirs non to say that I cannot access these networks.  Maybe I need to take a closer look at this.

Your router is connected to the network with an ethernet interface??  What is the IP address of that interface??
Your router is connected to the network with an ethernet interface??  What is the IP address of that interface??

Then you need to configure 2 routes on your   box that point to the IP addresses of the above interfaces


ip route
ip route

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