SBS4.5 to SB2000 upgrade

I would like some assistance with information on upgrading SBS 4.5 to SBS 2000..... and any pitfalls etc. that anyone here has had between them.

Upgrading in place is not an option due to new hardware being required which leaves as far as I can see the "start from scratch" migration technicques described in MS articles 278439 and 290603 etc. involving pulling everything off and starting again on the new box.

With a non SBS network I could add a NT4 BDC then take it offline and upgrade that to W2K with Active Directory and make a mixed-mode domain but is this even possible upgrading using a SBS 2000 CD?  Then at least I'd not have to re-create all the accounts and SIDs would be kept the same etc.

If I had done that are there any issues you can think of with exmerging the Exchange 5.5 folders into a server with a new name or IP address running Exchange 2000?

One concern of mine is with the recommended migration method clients are going to have the same username but with new SID on the new domain (but the same domain name) and will therefore get a new profile on their W2K / XP PC's and lose all their settings etc. which might cause unknown problems with existing apps (though should be OK...)

I am MCSE (not that always means much) and fine with standard W2K / NT networking but haven't had much contact with SBS and all it's nasty little restrictions and don't want to trip up if I go down a different route to the MS suggested one.

Any advice, suggestions, gotchas etc. appreciated, even if it is only to part of this.  ASAP if poss please too as I'm doing it tomorrow!!

Points aren't a problem... will split up or award more elsewhere if needed.


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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAsked:
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 Ok with the sbs200 cd you can install and configure a 2000 domain controller to migrate all of your nt user accounts..
   just boot to cd install the server 2000 after install just dont setup the sbs2000 it will have a pop up to have you start installing the rest of sbs 2000 but if you just close it you can then run dcpromo and install the domain your self and move over the nt4 accounts..

  as for the exchange part i have not dont that yet so umm good luck..

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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that vtobusman.

In the end decided upon a new domain of a different name with manually re-entered user accounts and to reconfigure the client PC's, that way could keep both on network at the same time until ready to change over.

Mail has exmerged over fine by the look of it, remains to be seen how well it works next week.

Please still post any suggestions on this subject, I'll close this off in a few days.

Congratz  Glad you got it working....
   I have just downloaded the demo for exchange 2k3 and get that up and running...
and i must say the outlook web access is sweet in the exchange 2k3.. it now comes with themes and looks alot better ( Like win xp, ) but anyways good luck with the new server
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:
Well all went well, on the server side...

Exmerge worked fine.  Server is on different IP address and domain so needed to change domain for clients and rejig profiles but apart from that not a problem....

Now if only all the PC's didn't have other problems, viruses etc. then it would have gone like clockwork... loads of unrelated problems slowing things down.

Anyway will close this off now, vtobusman you've got 2000 points as no-one else had any comments to make!

If anyone is seeing this as a PAQ and wants to know anything specific about the process let me know!



I'm just going through the same procedure. What did you do about migrating the user profiles across?
Did you create fresh profiles on the SBS2000, then copy the SBS4.5 profiles across or did you copy the 4.5 profiles first?
Or did you do something else?

Any suggestions/tips would be appreciated.


Steve KnightIT ConsultancyAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the delay in replying.  In that case the old profiles were all a bit of a mess so we created new ones and copied over the stuff that was needed, probably an easier way but at least we got a fresh start that way...


Thanks for the info. That was the approach that I was coming round to anyway.


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