[Windows NT/2000/XP] Enumerating all domains where user can logon

 Some of you may use Windows 2000, and you may know that, in Windows 2000, when logging in, you must to inform login, password and for some cases, also to inform the domain where you will log in. A pretty Combobox is shown, listing all domains where you can log from that machine.
  My question is: how to discover all domains where you can log from your local machine, to populate that combobox?
  (I discovered the function LSAEnumerateTrustedDomain, but I don't know where can I find the API headers to make it work.)
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look at http://endimus.com/oldcontent/files/index_en.php

Download the file, This contain all you need


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In the above link
Sorry to say

DownLoads -->  NetworkUnits

knightmadAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I am evaluating the answer and will return soon : )
Funny... I have been trying to duplicate what I did in Delphi using c# .NET and I have not gotten what I would expect. The delphi code looks like this:

{you can Ignore the invokation below this was a multi-threaded object in addition you can remove the TDomainObjectClass instanciation of coures... that is my own}


procedure TDomainsObjectClass.GetDomains;
  dn: DirectoryEntry;
  en: IEnumerator;
  FStatusDisplay.Panels[1].Text := 'Domain Acquisition In Progress...';
  dn:= DirectoryEntry.Create('WinNT:');
  en := dn.Children.GetEnumerator;
  if en<>nil
    then while en.MoveNext do
             FDomainList.Add( TDomainObjectClass.Create(DirectoryEntry(en.Current).Name.Trim, FComputerDisplay));
             FDomainCount := FDomainList.Count;
  en := nil;
  if FDomainDisplay.Items.Count>0
    then FDomainDisplay.Enabled := True;
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