Why does WISE Installer freeze?

I'm trying to install the current version of Opera browser, which uses Wise Installer.

When I run the installer, it hangs suddenly, without any error messages.

/T shows that the problem is that it Wise tries to load one of the .tmp files as a DLL, and Windows says it's not valid.

/X shows that it has no problem unpacking everything.

But, none of the options can get it to work. I can unpack the files, but I can't install Opera. And Opera won't run direct, without being installed.

Opera has not responded to my inquiries.

Can anyone help me, either get Wise installer to work, or install Opera manually?

(Yes, I have verifired the download, and tried installing other versions as well.)
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Is the dll too old? Try to identify it, maybe it is incorrect one. One wonders if IE is doing it. What versions are you running, for OS & browsers?
Franklin_DeMattoAuthor Commented:
SunBow, please elaborate.  What should I do?
Turn off your anti-virus and firewall protection (after initially scanning the download) before you try installing.  Turn off any unnecessary system processes as well, by performing a custom/diagnostic boot.  

You may attempt installing in safe mode. It won't look pretty, but will probably have better luck with installation if there is a memory allocation conflict preventing WISE from running.

It sounds simple, but run scandisk, defrag, Regclean, etc.. and if necessary (very carefully!!!) manually edit the system registry to remove all references to Opera, and try installing again.

David Smiler. MCSE+I

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Franklin_DeMattoAuthor Commented:
What is Regclean?

As an aside, I would love to clean up Windows.  My machine probably runs at 50% of the speed it did when it was fresh.  I'm pretty good with watching what things are running and what things get started automatically (and gobble up RAM).  But maybe a bloated Registry is slowing me down.... David, any elaboration on what to do here would be most appreciated.

I don't think it's an Opera based problem.  Like I said, when I run the installer with the /T switch, it shows that the error is before that - the DLL it tries to load from the unpacked .tmp file is not accepted.  I should have added that for quite a while I've been occasionaly getting cryptic error messages complaining about 16 bit DLL's, with the choices of Close or Ignore - but when hit Ignore, all programs seem to run fine... I bet that this is the core of the problem!

Anyone have any guesses on this?

(aplogizes for leaving out this crucial bit of info)
Regclean is a Microsoft enhancement (non-supported, of course), which scan and fixes your registry entries...removes those no longer associated with any particular file, and automaticlly creates a backup of the original registry.

It's another valuable tool to use in system maintenance, and to prevent registry bloat:

Again, try to run the install while in Safe Mode.  It shouldn't hang, because there are very few, if any, other interfering processes.

Regarding your 16 bit application problem, you should edit the PIF belonging to the file, and in the properties section, check "run in compatibility mode".

Hope this helps....please let me know.

Dave Smiler, MCSE
Franklin_DeMattoAuthor Commented:
Dave - you wrote
Regarding your 16 bit application problem, you should edit the PIF belonging to the file, and in the properties section, check "run in compatibility mode".

Sorry for not being more clear - I get these messages when running certain regular 32bit apps!!!! Win2000 complains about some 16bit DLL, I hit Ignore, and everything works fine
Okay..let's start from scratch on this one.

What version of Windows are you using? 2000 SP1?  When did the dll errors start? Before or after upgrading with a service pack?

I'm going with the following (if the safe mode install didn't work):
1. What specific apps cause the dll errors? Are the solely MS apps?
2. Did the Wise install work yet, following any of my previous suggestions?
3. Have you upgraded to the latest version of JET 4? (MS Update)
4. Please give me the specific error message(s), so we're not chasing ghosts.
5. Are you running in DOS compatibility mode in order to accommodate 16 bit apps? What apps are they?
6. Please list any other pertinent details. As I see it, you're running into two problems: Random dll errors, and Wise installer issues. Are there any other system problems presenting themselves?

Please let me know, and I will have a better idea of where to go with this.


Dave Smiler, MCSE
Franklin_DeMattoAuthor Commented:

Wow!  Thanks for the great info.  Safe mode worked fine - now I have Opera 7.21!  I'm working on RegClean and the other stuff you told me to do - I'd like to get my system tuned and tweaked.
Rock-on, Frank!

Glad to have been of service.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Please leave any comments you feel appropriate, and I'm pretty new here, so I don't know how the "points thing" works. But if you're giving, I'm receiving!

Enjoy Opera...it's better than most anything out there.

Dave Smiler, MCSE
Franklin_DeMattoAuthor Commented:
Dave, you are excellent!

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Well, a URL or e-mail that I could stay in contact would be nice... :-)

I'll give all the points, but, AFAIK, once I give them, this question is closed, so I'll wait till you get a chance to respond.
Thanks, Frank!

Feel free to email me at: oneto@tampabay.rr.com.

Have a good one, and keep in touch.

Dave Smiler
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