Switching BorderStyle

I like to switch the TForm.BorderStyle property from anything to bsNone and back. It appears that the controls on the form move up a little bit because of the missing border. Also the client area grows for the same reason. I like the controls to stay at the same screen coordinates and client area to stay the same size.

procedure ChangeBorderStyle(const form: TForm; const borderStyle: TBorderStyle);

My problems:
  - the amount I have to add/substract to TForm.Width and TForm.Height are different for different styles (bsSingle, bsSizable...)
  - if I switch forward and backward a couple of times my form was slightly growing in size (roundoff error?)

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j42Author Commented:
<grammer checker kicks in>

My problems:
 - the amount I have to add/substract to TForm.Width and TForm.Height is different for different styles (bsSingle, bsSizable...)
 - if I switch forward and backward a couple of times my form is slightly growing in size (roundoff error?)
Seems to work quite well, although looks odd when maximised with a maximised window beneath it!

procedure TForm1.FormClick(Sender: TObject);
      sz : TPoint;
      oldpos, zpos, newpos : TPoint;
      sz.X := ClientWidth;
      sz.Y := ClientHeight;
      zpos.X := 0;
      zpos.Y := 0;
      oldpos := ClientToScreen(zpos);
      if BorderStyle = bsNone then BorderStyle := bsSizeable else BorderStyle := bsNone;
      newpos := ClientToScreen(zpos);
      Left := Left + oldpos.X - newpos.X;
      Top := Top + oldpos.Y - newpos.Y;
      ClientWidth := sz.X;
      ClientHeight := sz.Y;

Geoff M.

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PS - grammAr ;-)
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j42Author Commented:
> PS - grammAr
j42Author Commented:
This works like a treat (I don't know what that means, just read it somewhere else ;-).
I guess Application.ProcessMessages is the magic inside? If I remove my forms will start growing.
Thanks a lot.

PS. If I find the guy who disabled the spell checker...
I found that you don't actually need the ProcessMessages. I thought it might be needed originally so that it resizes itself properly, but it appears  to do that anyway.

Cheers for the points.

Geoff M.
j42Author Commented:
>  I found that you don't actually need the ProcessMessages
Yep, you are right. The error is a little bit more subtle:
If you use bsSizeable (instead of bsSingle) and there is a control near the right or bottom border there may appear some scrollbars and the ClientWidth and ClientHeight are larger than the Width and Height propertys -> everything is messed up.
I used a Sleep(500) in the OnPaint event of the form to debug.

Anyway thank you for beeing helpful.
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