Performance monitor

In the “Performance monitor” "Output Queue Length" always more then 3.
Some time it reaches over 100.
Every thing is seemly working smoothly. All latest SP applied.
SQL 2000 is installed on a top Win2000 server.
NIC is 1GB.
Switch is 1GB.
Any solution besides installing another NIC.
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PashaModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Question closed and points refunded

Cs Moderator
This is what is said

Output Queue Length: This is the number of packets in the output queue. This value should not sustain more than 2 or the network is bottlenecked and the underlying hardware may need to be reconfigured or replaced.

I think reconfiguring NIC is the option

Is your cable cat6?
Or is it fiber?

Using cat5 or 5e cable will cause significant errors on a NIC set to 1Gb. This could cause the queue length to spike.

How is your network performance on your server? Does it seem slow?

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Please specify a little more: "Some time it reaches over 100" How often ? For how long a period ?
bfplusAuthor Commented:
I like droswell idea.
I will try it tomorrow.


You may also be experiencing a problem called "Duplex Mismatch".   This will happen, for example, if your Switch is "hard-coded" to only work at 1GB and your NIC is configured to autosense.  Both switch and system must both be autosense or "hard-coded" to work at 1GB, otherwise no go.   Had this problem a couple of weeks ago with a server being set on autosense and the net switch being "hard-coded" to 100MB.  Communication was quite poor.  As soon as the net switch was set to autosense (making both sides autosense) the problem was solved.  Have run into this again and again...

Regards and good luck,

bfplusAuthor Commented:
The switch has just one 1GB port.
All other have 100Mb.
bfplusAuthor Commented:
Changing the cable really improved the performance, but not significantly.
I'v got a big difference installing 2G of extra memory.
So far so good. We'll see in 2-3 days

Thanks everybody.
bfplusAuthor Commented:
You can close this question.
Thank you.
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