Change row color in Listview control

Any help?
How can a change the color of row in listview control in

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Dim selectedItem As ListViewItem
    For Each selectedItem In ListView1.SelectedItems
      selectedItem.BackColor = myColor

        ' Set the view to show details.
        ListView1.View = View.Details
        ' Allow the user to edit item text.
        ListView1.LabelEdit = True
        ' Allow the user to rearrange columns.
        ListView1.AllowColumnReorder = True
        ' Display check boxes.
        ListView1.CheckBoxes = True
        ' Select the item and subitems when selection is made.
        ListView1.FullRowSelect = True
        ' Display grid lines.
        ListView1.GridLines = True
        ' Sort the items in the list in ascending order.
        ListView1.Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending

        ' Create three items and three sets of subitems for each item.
        Dim item1 As New ListViewItem("item1", 0)
        ' Place a check mark next to the item.
        item1.Checked = True
        Dim item2 As New ListViewItem("item2", 1)
        Dim item3 As New ListViewItem("item3", 0)
        ' Place a check mark next to the item.
        item3.Checked = True

        ListView1.View = View.Details

        'Add the items to the ListView.
        ListView1.Items.AddRange(New ListViewItem() {item1, item2, item3})

'give colors to the first listView item
dim lv  as new ListViewItem
lv = listView1.Items(0)
lv.BackColor  = Color.Chocolate
lv.ForeColor  = Color.LemonChiffon
'give colors to the 2nd listView item
lv = listView1.Items(1)

'show subitems in differnt colors
lv.UseItemStyleForSubItems = false
dim lvs  as new  ListViewItem.ListViewSubItem()
'change color of the 2nd subitem of the 2nd listview item
lvs = lv.SubItems(1)
'colors of the listview item
lv.BackColor  = Color.DarkKhaki
lv.ForeColor  = Color.DarkGreen
lv.Font = new Font("Arial",12.0,FontStyle.Bold )

'colors of the listview subitem
lvs.BackColor = Color.CornflowerBlue
lvs.ForeColor = Color.White

arshadkhanAuthor Commented:
thanks for quick response,

if the column value =blabla then change the row color to red

can you be more clear


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Private Sub ChangeRowClor(Ind as Integer)

     dim lv  as new ListViewItem
     lv = listView1.Items(Ind)

     Lv.BackColor = Color.Red
End Sub

That is exactly whote I wrote above
i dont think so....
arshadkhanAuthor Commented:
thanks for quick response.

Private Sub ChangeRowClor(Ind as Integer)

     dim lv  as new ListViewItem
     lv = listView1.Items(Ind)

     Lv.BackColor = Color.Red
End Sub

what is (Ind) here ??
is it a row position ??

Yeah the item index

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