Progress bar in IE

The progress bar in Internet Explorer doesn't finish when I use my menu to load a page in an IFRAME.
I've had this problem before and it seems that there are many different reasons for this to happen.
Can anyone give me good pointers on what to look for when trying to solve this problem?
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  don't know that there is anything you can do about it.  The status bar progress bar is for the top/main page.  The iframe is nested.

>> The progress bar in Internet Explorer doesn't finish when I use my menu to load a page in an IFRAME.
what u can do is to write in the status bar DONE lik ethe explorer does.

i agree with VincentPuglia .
the status bar is an "overeall" status for all items in the page.
the frame cant "tell" top that it was fully loaded.


I've been extremely annoyed that IE seems to have no apparent way to reliably indicate that a page is loading (let alone how close it is to being done with loading).

There are three things in IE that are suppose to tell you that something is loading or in the process of loading.

   1)  The IE Window Icon in top left corner.  If it is moving then is it loading.  It's not reliable.
   2)  The status bar at the bottom will say 'Opening Page...' while loading and 'Done.' when it is finished.  Again this unreliable.
   3)  The progress bar besides the status bar.  Increases during load.  And yes, again, this cannot be relied upon to work correctly.

I've seen cases where a page loads and none those three things are happening.  In fact, I actually had to implement a 'relyable' indicator before.. and this is what I did:

With every page submitted, I do a:
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top.document.title="Project X-  Loading...", and then submit the form.

and, on every page that comes up I do a:
   onLoad="top.document.title='Project X - Last Update: ' + new Date();" in the body tag.

Now, you don't get the state of what 'progress' the load is at, but you do get a reliable indication of when the page is actually loaded (and you can determine the time it took by examining the time in
the top title).

Don't know if this will help, just thought I'd share..
Hi Sanctus,

  Most people simply wait for the load to finish (in my case, it sometimes provides enough time to make and drink coffee).

  Is there a specific reason for wanting to know if the iframe's document has fully loaded?  If so, there may be alternatives:

1) use setTimeout() to poll a variable or element in the frame's document.
2) use an alert -- <body onload="alert('done')"
3) capture events until the page is loaded
4) within the page itself, optimize for faster loading (shifting image loading to the main window or loading images after the rest of the page loads, using 2 small tables instead of 1 large one)

>> it seems that there are many different reasons for this to happen.

yeah, so why dont let us examine YOUR case ?

There is no solution to this problem.  The progress bar is a feature of the browser itself, not the window or app or Javascript, and there is nothing you can do to solve it, since you don't have access to the MS code in IE from JS.  The progress bar in Windows 2003 is worse still.  MS can never get progress bars right, at least not in the last 15 years.  

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solution could be code modification that does not invoke IE bug (if there is one).
but, in order to do that, we need code first :(
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SanctusAuthor Commented:
I eneded up not solving this problem, mainly because the solution didnt seem easy out-of-the box, and the consequences are not terrible...
I guess it's a MS problem, so Ill divide the points between those who answered this way.

SanctusAuthor Commented:
I want to divide points 50-50 between mark-b and sciwriter

How can I do that?
SanctusAuthor Commented:
Ok, got it.
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