I'm trying to do some DHCP enumerations in VB6.  I'm trying to do a DhcpEnumSubnets call as per MSDN:

I'm apparently having problems porting this over to VB.  Currently with the code below I get bad DLL calling convention.
Any ideas where I'm going wrong?

Here's my code:

Public Const NERR_Success = 0&
Public Const NERR_Access_Denied = 5&
Public Const NERR_MoreData = 234&

Public Declare Sub CopyMem Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" _
        (pTo As Any, _
         uFrom As Any, _
         ByVal lSize As Long)
'  DHCP_CONST WCHAR* ServerIpAddress,
'  DHCP_RESUME_HANDLE* ResumeHandle,
'  DWORD PreferredMaximum,
'  DWORD* ElementsRead,
'  DWORD* ElementsTotal

Declare Function DhcpEnumSubnets Lib "dhcpsapi" _
      (ServerIP As Any, lpResumeHandle As Long, _
      ByVal prefmaxlen As Long, Enuminfo As Long, _
      EntriesRead As Long, TotalEntries As Long)

'typedef struct _DHCP_IP_ARRAY { _
'DWORD NumElements; _


   NumElements As Long
   IPaddress As Long
End Type

Public Function DHCPEnum(Server As String)
   Dim yServer() As Byte, lRetCode As Long
   Dim nRead As Long, nTotal As Long
   Dim nret As Long, nResume As Long
   Dim prefmaxlen As Long
   Dim i As Long, x As Long
   Dim lDHCPInfo As Long
   Dim lDHCPInfoPtr As Long
   yServer = MakeServerName(ByVal Server)
   prefmaxlen = 65536
   nResume = 0

   nret = NERR_MoreData
   Do While (nret = NERR_MoreData)

      nret = DhcpEnumSubnets(yServer(0), nResume, prefmaxlen, _
                      lDHCPInfo, nRead, nTotal)

      If (nret <> NERR_Success And _
       nret <> NERR_MoreData) Then
         'NetError nret
         Debug.Print "Error:" & nret
         Exit Do
      End If

      lDHCPInfoPtr = lDHCPInfo
      Do While x <= nRead
         CopyMem DHCPInfo, ByVal lDHCPInfoPtr, Len(DHCPInfo)
         Debug.Print DHCPInfo.NumElements
         Debug.Print DHCPInfo.IPaddress
         lDHCPInfoPtr = lDHCPInfoPtr + Len(DHCPInfo)
End Function

Public Function MakeServerName(ByVal ServerName As String)
    Dim yServer() As Byte
    If ServerName <> "" Then
        If InStr(1, ServerName, "\\") = 0 Then
            ServerName = "\\" & ServerName
        End If
    End If
    yServer = ServerName & vbNullChar
    MakeServerName = yServer

End Function
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Do you know what I'm doing wrong converting the API for VB?
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